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Ooh, blog, you almost stole my blog again
Yes, but cut and paste saved the day again. Anyway. It's been a good weekend. I had sleepytime today. Mmm, sleepytime. And then it was off to participate in a TEC gathering, to prepare for the next one. (A Catholic retreat, if you know not what I speak of.) Once again, I'm going to participate in a musical way. Which is cool with me. Speaking of which, I played at Newman again, for the first time with the full choir after their trip to Spain.

After that, it was a bevy of choices afterwards. I ended up giving a guitar lesson, then talking to somebody for a while. It was a good conversation, one of the types you don't often have. You know, learning about somebody else, but at the same time, learning much about yourself. I like learning.

Chapter 4 of the trip? I'll make it short, not too much interesting happened. Most of it was in the third chapter. We arose in the morning, way too early. Took our showers, got some Mc-y D's, refueled the convertible and then we were off! Off to drive to Seattle. A good drive, not nearly as bad as the way in. Although crossing the border was quite a bit harder. Man! They grilled us on all sorts of stuff. Asked us questions at the booth, then made us pull over and go in for a serious "interview". One guy, in a rather intimidating fashion, asked us why we had been in Canada. Justin told him, kung fu. The response was, "Oh? Can you not do kung fu in Oklahoma?" That type of thing. Wanting to know exactly what we had purchased, how much money was spent, etc. We finally made it out, but it rattled us a little. After that, getting back to the airport, onto the planes. We got an interesting seat-mate on the first trip. It was a girl in a Supergirl shirt, a blonde. I talked to her for a bit, found out some interesting stuff about her. Apparently, she was coming back from Hawaii, from being in a photo shoot. She was a model, I found out. Oh, but that's not it! She asked me if I recognized her, and I didn't, but I pushed to find out why she thought I should. APPARENTLY she has a website. The kind that I won't post a link to here. So she's "kind of" a celebrity. It was funny. She did let me take a picture of her after we got off the plane.

I got back, then headed back to be greeted by over 15 people coming over to my place for a gathering, people from Newman. As well as Becca! She arrived when Justin and I left, and left the day after we returned. But we did at least get to see each other a little. I got her a shirt with a good message for her boyfriend. Muahahahahaaa!

I don't think he'll see it, though. Oh well. We hung out a little, it was like old times. Good times. I took her to the airport - it wasn't quite as bad as the last time I took her, since the last time I took her was the time we broke up. Ugh, she still affects me. Silly relationships. With all my kung fu badass-ness, a certain look from the right person can still make my knees weak and produce butterflies within my gastrointestinal system. Silly butterflies.

Ah, and the week begins. I start in the morning with completion of computer repair work. Yay! And then to go pick up a file cabinet. Yay! I'll finally have space to organize all my loose papers, bills, etc. It's good, since my current little paper holding device is ready to burst. This week will mean I'll start organizing the apartment fully. Actually unpack a lot of stuff. Get the kitchen organized! Woo! I'm looking forward to it.

Ooh, and I'm tired. I think I'm going to go get some sleep. Random link! I like learning stuff. Do you like learning stuff, too? Here, let me help you.
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