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Should I blog again?
Okay, I'll blog again. It has been a crazy day. More than normal. It started interestingly, by getting a call to find out that the one job (out of four potentials) I wanted least is no longer an option, since the company chose someone else. Fools. I suppose if they want someone who'll actually USE all the time allocated for that position, it's better that way. I'd probably finish two full weeks of work in two hours. That can be a problem, sometimes. You think I'm exaggerating? That's actually happened to me before.

So that started the day. Then I was on my way to lunch, and I got another call, from one of the consulting firms. Do you remember the last contract I was on? Working on a web page, since late last year? Yeah, well, I thought I was going to help the guy finish it sometime either this week or next. Apparently, not anymore, since the company called to tell me he passed away. I don't know details, but they needed to get access to his computer for personal info, and I was one of the only contacts they had. I'm still not sure how to react to that. It's a bit heavy and out of NOWHERE. I think I'm probably in denial, and will be for a while. It's not normal to just have things like that happen.

Yeah. So anyway, that's how the day STARTED. Since I couldn't really swallow all that at once, I just moved on with my day, which is probably good.

Before I go on, I have to do some filling in. I've been hanging out with a lot of people lately (lots of them ladies), wondering if I want to get back into any sort of relationship or not. I wasn't really looking for one, just was enjoying my singleness. Well, one person I started hanging out with last week has changed that a bit for me. We've known each other for about a year, but never really hung out a lot, until recently. I was teaching her guitar, and then we decided to watch a movie after the lesson... things just kind of happened from there. Do you know the types of people you meet in life that you just get along with, without having to try at all? You know, people that you just click with? Well, she's one of those people, for me. Not like I have a large list of people like that. I'm normally moderately notorious for being mysterious and hard to connect with, I think. I've been hesitant to even talk about her to people, for a variety of reasons. But after hanging for so long, I think I can safely say the connection we have is not a fluke. "Who is she?" you may be asking. Pssh. MAY be asking, right. You ARE asking, I'm sure. Well, I'll tell you - her name is Sandra. And she is COOL. I'll give you a luscious (yes, luscious) picture, and leave it at that for now.

this goes in my top three best pictures (that I've taken)

So that's something that's been occupying mindspace and time. And it is good. Details I may not dole out unless people ASK me to post them. That fits into my natural mysteriousness. Or does it? Hmm...

Yeah, so that leads into lunch, I guess. Sandra, me, Sihing (Justin) and his ladyfriend, and one other kung fu student from our kwoon went to New Hong Kong. Excellent place to eat. You can order large plates and eat them family style (meaning share contents of plates with everyone). They have very good duck fried rice. Oh, it was good stuff. Although that might be partially because I'm probably turning Chinese, bit by bit, with all the kung fu. What? Okay.

Ooh! And my UPS arrived today. Yay! I just finished hooking it up a little bit ago. I had to plug it in to let the battery charge a bit, first. But now - no more incessant beeping from the "battery replacement" on my old UPS. That, and even with my monster monitor, it's only using up half the new UPS's capacity. Fourteen minutes of battery, baby! I might actually even be able to hook up my guitar stuff into it. We'll see.

And tomorrow's another day... I need to STILL go pick up the file cabinet. Which is huge. So I need a truck. Which I know someone who has one. And that last sentence didn't make a whole lot of sense. But you know what I meant. AND I got my fifth and final security certificate! Yaay! I'm qualified for network security goodness. If only people would get with modern times and realize how good of a thing that is. And how they should hire ME because of all my security skillz. Alas, that's how the world turns.

Ah, and my day isn't quite over yet. I received a phone call from a friend in need, so it looks like it's going to be a telephone counseling session (or perhaps just a listening session) for another hour or two. It's okay, I like having opportunities to be there in times of need.

Random link! Didn't catch that coming, did you? Woosh! I just sprung it, at the start of a new paragraph. Pretty slick, huh? Yaay! I'm in a good mood, for some odd reason. And my blog benefits from it. As do you, perhaps. ANYway... Random link! Whoa! Didn't think I'd say it AGAIN, did you? It would a double surprise action thing, going on there. I think I've posted this one before, but it changes enough... maybe you'd like to see what's new there now.
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