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Still not into a full pattern
And the sporadicity of my blogging shows it. Ah, but I'm back. I went to Canada (eh?) for the weekend. And it was sweet. There was much kung fu, and much touring.

Yes, for those who don't know, I went to Canada. It all began on a Thursday. In the morning. EARLY morning. I stayed up the whole night before, which kinda sucked. Well, I got an hour an a half of sleep. But I packed, and it worked out. So I get to the airport, and of course they've shut down the exit ramp to the airport. So my dad drives AROUND the airport (literally) to find the way in. But I still make it on time, so it's okay. I meet up with Justin (good ol' si-hing), and we begin our adventure.

The flights were pretty good. We stopped first in Vegas! Immediately upon entering the airport, slot machines everywhere. Seriously. I have pictures (my many pics will have to wait, though) as proof. So we have two hours to kill, I try my hand at gambling. With poker. I did okay. Lost some money, but not too much. It was fun. Then it was off to Seattle. But first we stop in Reno. Why? I don't know. No good reason. Swap out some people on the plane, apparently. Bleah. Made two flights into three, which was rather sucky. But it was okay. And we get to Seattle and it's raining. Of course. A lot. But that's all right. We get Justin's luggage (I'm always all carry-on, so it's easier) and then try to find our car rental place. But we don't remember which one it was. So we ask four different places we thought it might be, but it's not them. So we go back to Southwest, and find out it's Thrifty. Yay! We get the info, then go get the car. And it's sweet... a silver convertible Sebring. I will go so far as to say that it was luscious. Although it was RAINING, so we couldn't take the top down.

Yes, it rained in Seattle. And all the way into Vancouver. The ride was very wet, and very slow. Traffic was sucky. But our music was kickin'. I was exhausted, so we ended up pulling over, to grab some munchies. And to expel some bodily fluids, as well. And then we're both much better, so we get back on the road! We looked for our hotel and couldn't find it. For THREE HOURS. We did, however, get a decent tour around Vancouver. We finally found the Sheraton in Vancouver. It was really nice looking, with valet parking and everything. Really nice. TOO nice. Turns out it wasn't our hotel. We were looking for the Four Seasons Sheraton in Richmond. Oh well. So we eventually got there, and it wasn't QUITE as nice, but it worked. We settled in, then went downstairs and got some food. And flirted with the rather attractive waitress, Crystal. Oodles of fun stuff. Then sleeping in to recover, and then just have fun the next day.

Ahh... so much more, but I need to sleep tonight. So I will end the first chapter of my trip here. To be continued! Although I will say that other stuff has happened since I returned. Good stuff. I found some temporary work, to finish off my June bills. Which is good, since I was pulled from my contract job, considering the fact that the guy still hasn't finished paying for me. I must be expensive! So yes, a temporary job, with a neighbor of my parents. She's very nice, and just needs a computer geek to handle her misbehaving computers. Silly computers. Full of spyware. Fragmented drives. She also wants to set up some wireless connectivity, which might be fun. So I'll be doing that tomorrow (ahem, today), which should be good. It's good money. Also, I got another contracting firm looking for work for me. They seem pretty cool! Hopefully I'll hear back about a potential job tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm also going to go back to work for the guy I was contracted for. For FREE. Because the project is almost done, and I think it's worth my time to finish it off, so he can make money, so he can PAY money, so I might actually be able to earn something more from that thing. Maybe a lot more, who knows.

And for fun, what have I been doing? Why, programming, of course. Starting a game with good ol' B.P. He's got a huge story prepared (but it's secret), moreso than he had before. I have huge ideas. So I'm eager to get started. We got the code, and I just looked at it, but it'll take some work. That's okay, it's work that's fun work.

Now it's time for bed, to be ready for my crazy busy day tomorrow. Today. Yes. So you must have a random link! And this is one I found rather randomly. Go figure. I did find it quite interesting - a different viewpoint of life that not MANY people experience. But some do.
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