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Time for blog
I've been a lazy blogger since I left school. I think it's because I'm DONE with school, and I don't feel like doing anything remotely similar to work. Although I'll have to, since working is kind of what pays the bills.

Speaking of which, I did some crazy applying today. I sent out three applications, heard back from one already. It'd be a contract, but hey, I wouldn't complain. That, and I have two other maybes up in the air, through my two contracting firms. Hey, it'd be good to have a choice, even. I guess I'll find out what happens pretty soon here.

Some big news, that's no so good. Looks like my dad's going back to the hospital to get an angiogram again. Some stuff from his last operation didn't seem to work exactly as planned, so he's going in tomorrow morning to get it looked at. Makes me nervous, the hospital thing. Hospitals by themselves are not bad. But when you have a family member in one, it tends to raise the nervousness level of it a bit. I'm going to visit him in the morning. Earlier than I'm normally up, but hey - some things are worth it.

In other (happier) news, I got my shelf lining paper! I had a couple of friends over that helped me get it cut a bit, although it looks like I have too many shelves for the paper to handle. So I did a few, and I'll do a bit more before I'm done. I have a lot of stuff, though. So I'll probably fill most of the shelves. The kitchen is actually starting to look like an actual kitchen, though. Oh, and the lining paper is pretty cool. It's rather thick.

In kung fu news, I'm starting to crank up the frequency, to become more of a kung fu bad mamma jamma. With the bruising, and the Gung Gee, and pain. Which produces strength, somehow. It's mysterious, life and its silly details.

Ah, and for the most part, this last week has been one of the better weeks I've had in about as long as I can remember. There's a variety of reasons I could list, although I think it really can be narrowed down to a small number. Why so mysterious? I like being mysterious. Although if you have something to do with one of the small number of reasons, you might know it. Yay!

Enough cryptic blathering. Tomorrow I also am going to get together with a couple of guys, to beat each other senseless. The other two guys don't have quite the same experience I do, so it should be very interesting. Very interesting, indeed. We'll have to see what happens.

And at the end of this blog full of short weird paragraphs, I shall place a random link. Ah, art. Occasionally I find something worthy of mentioning. Check the gallery out.
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