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Time for more
It is time for more memories! Yes, onto chapter 2 of my Canada trip. Where was I? Ah, yes... the end of the first day. The next day, after eating some food and crashing hard, was EXCELLENT. It was just me and Justin sleeping in until around noon (which means 2 central time) or so. Then getting up, finding out it's SUNNY outside, which means it's time to take the roof down on the car. Eh, I said I wasn't going to post pictures yet, but screw it. Here it is!

Isn't it nice? There's Justin, posing nicely. So we get in our sweet ride and get going, to cruise downtown Vancouver. We head to the streets. There are people everywhere, and it's very cool.

We find a parking garage and then go to eat. It's a cool place, a Chinese Bistro thing.

The food is excellent. Much better than the hotel food, honestly. That stuff was overpriced, and not that great. But the Chinese food was awesome. I got some General Tso's Chicken, Justin got some shrimp, and we got a side of noodles with chicken. We annihilate all three dishes. And a few Cokes. Sadly, Pepsi is not always the choice of a new generation. I think the chefs were pleased that we wasted not any of their food.

Once that was done, it was off to walk the streets! See what shops there were. Go shopping. I did get a rather nice shirt. I think it was the best fit for me. Don't you?

It was cool. So we did our site-seeing, got flirted with a bit, and then ended up going back to the hotel and heading over to a club. The Cactus Club, actually. It was cool! It was a sports club sort of thing. Somehow we got the ONLY male waiter, though. Doh. And seated next to a huge screen TV, which would be cool, except it was showing GOLF. Bleah. We got to sit in the standard restaurant area, but it would have been cool to sit in the other area, where they had nicer formal-looking tables, fireplaces (yes, plural) in the walls, and a fountain in the middle of all of it. I didn't take my camera there, sadly. It was cool. The food wasn't bad. Not exceptional. Except for the cheesecake. OmiGOODness. Proof positive that food can be a very sensual experience.

Then it was time to head back to the room, chill with some drinks, watch TV that was worthless (good stuff to do occasionally), read some, and then crash to prepare for the big day following. Which will be chapter 3.

So - today! I got some good sleep. Mmm, yeah. Woke up, took care of some employment opportunity things, then it was off to help out with computer repair stuff. (Same woman, she just can't get enough of my m4d 5k1llz making her computers so much sweeter.) I ended up working for a while. It was the most atrocious case of computer neglect I have EVER seen. It caused me pain. Ad-aware found over 600 pieces of spyware. The machine was completely unusable in normal mode. I had to do some serious work in safe mode to get it anywhere close to normal. Then installed and ran a virus checker, removed a few viruses. Updated all necessary updates. All of these things that SHOULD have been done on a regular basis, but had NEVER BEEN DONE. So while doing it, I educated the user on how these things need to be done. It's still not completely repaired, it's pretty far gone. But it's actually moderately usable now. I'll have to do a few more things to get it fully functional/stabalized. But it's good money.

Oh, and I did go to Muskogee this time to do it. Of course, while I'm driving, the CRAZY thunderstorm hits. Thankfully, after my Seattle driving experience, I was prepared. The bad thing was the fact I missed my exit, since the rain prevented me from seeing anything less than fifty feet away, and another car was in the right lane when I finally saw it. So I naturally decide to take the next exit for a u-turn. But it's to a highway. With a toll. Requiring exact change or a PikePass. I have neither. So I'm wondering what to do, sitting there, pretending to look for change. And the light turns green! I didn't remember it actually turning green, but I looked up, and it was. So I moved on, turned around, and of COURSE, getting back on the freeway, there's ANOTHER toll. Requiring exact change. Which I don't have. So I pull the same shenanigans. And it doesn't change this time. Until a car pulls up behind me - I'm guessing he had a PikePass, because the light turns green, and I make a run for it! Sadly, there appears to be NO exit going the other way for the exit I needed. So I have to travel until the next viable exit, which of course is something like fifteen miles away. And I pull ANOTHER U-ey. Finally make it to the right exit. Bleah. All in crazy rain, and wind hard enough to make me wonder if I had lost a tire.

The worst part of the storm hit while I was in the house (had to shut down the machine for it, while the brownouts popped up to say hello), and I stayed until it was over. I heard that the Williams building (AKA the Death Star) lost a few windows during the storm, and some trees were uprooted, as well as Utica Square losing power completely. It was a crazy storm.

Then it was time for food, since I had only eaten cereal that morning. And I went with a friend to Pizza Hut. Ooh, they made me mad! The waiter gave us menus, and then decided to chill and do OTHER things for something like 10 freakin' minutes. We order the new BBQ pizza for half of it, and apparently it's NOT what I thought it was going to be, which was supposed to be the spicy buffalo chicken they have (which is AWESOME, by the way), but actual BBQ beef, which is just weird. Oh, it made me MAD. But it was food, I wasn't complaining. And since I bought her dinner last time, Amy was awesome and paid this time. So I'll have to give her extra good stuff when I'm rich. Thanks, Amy!

That's been my day. Oh, except for one other Very Bad thing. My second payment went through - health insurance. Apparently somebody on the other end is retarded. They seemed to think the first digit of my payment was not a 2 (of a 3-digit number, mind you), but a 7. Okay, first of all - there's a textual representation of the payment amount there. Which is very clear. And second of all, I've NEVER paid anywhere close to that amount before, in one check. Why would I now? And third - I don't have quite that much in my checking, so naturally, it BOUNCED. Oh, I'm going to have some words with some people in the morning. So MAD.

Anyway, I'll worry about it later. And that, my friends, is enough blog to make up for a few of the days I missed, I think. I'll leave you with your random link now. Like taking random personality tests? Here you go.
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