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Yeah, weekend, and part of the week. It's been a good day, I'd say. Makes up for my silly injuring myself earlier this week. Let's go back...

So Thursday, I get together with a few friends who happen to take Taekwondo. That, and a little bit of wrestling, as well. We did some free sparring, very loose (no pads), mainly playing a bit with each other. The styles are very different. It wasn't bad. Although one of the guys liked to grapple with me a bit, and since he has something like sixty pounds on me, it wasn't really even. Yeah, that meant I might be able to prevent him getting a good solid lock on me in ways to make me give up, but it DIDN'T stop him from just picking me up over his head. I kept a headlock the whole time, so if I was going down, he was going with me, but it turned out pretty fun. Then we did a couple of forms from each of our own respective martial arts. I did my most advanced one (Gung Gee) which took a good five minutes to do. I think they all liked it (i.e., thought it was COOL). That, and it's about five times as long as the most advanced form the senior student among them knew. Three hundred and something moves. Some of which take a while, since they're more meditative. Anyway, after doing all that, I realized I had a weird pain in my lower left back. I still have no idea how I got it for sure, but I think now it was a muscle thing. Possibly pulled while sparring or maybe even during the form. It got worse through the next hour or so, and that night I was pretty out of commission. It hurt to sit down. A LOT. I was worried it might be a kidney thing. Maybe just too much pizza and Pepsi. It could happen.

Well, I don't think it was my kidney, but I did change my diet a bit. Was planning on it, anyway. Eating slightly healthier. Still haven't cold turkey'd the Pepsi, but I'm drinking much less. More water, OJ, that type of thing. And cereal. Although I'm thinking I might be lactose intolerant. My gastrointestinal system seems to get a little more gassy than normal after I eat cereal, so that may be the case. Hopefully I can wean myself of the intolerance eventually.

Hmm, all these words from a vocabulary not often found in the normal populace makes me think of a pet peeve of mine. It's not a BIG pet peeve, but it's just an annoyance. The words "peek" and "peak". Just FYI, you PEEK around a corner. Take a PEEK at things you're interested in. And you reach the PEAK of a mountain after climbing. Or think your favorite movie is the PEAK of all filmmaking. It seems like every time I see it, it's used wrong. It would be really funny if I've been annoyed this whole time and it turns out that I'm the one whose perception of misspelling is confused.

So today I went out to a kung fu picnic. Yay! It was a beautiful day, and we got a bunch of the crew and their family out to the park for a picnic. Fun stuff! I got some sun, some fresh air, and it was good. I also found out I suck at throwing a football. I used to be able to spiral one without issue, but apparently not anymore. It was pretty sad when one of the 10-year old girls turned out to be able to do it better than me. I did finally get it down a little better, and then we played a full game of touch football. It wasn't really a full crew, since we only had about five men who knew what they were doing. That, and a couple of girls. One of which was the 10-year old, the other 16 or so. So yeah. We swapped out positions, and I ALMOST caught a couple of nice passes, only to be shoved or be victim of pass INTERFERENCE. But it was all good. Then they risked putting me in as QB, and lo and behold - I throw a successful pass for a TOUCHDOWN! Yay! It was pretty funny, they were all making comments about how I was pretending to suck to pull it off. Which I was. Maybe.

And tomorrow I have an interview. Yay! An interview for a JOB. I think I've forgotten what a job is. It's just been so long. Yep, 10 AM, at City Hall. For which position, you may wonder? Senior Systems Analyst. Ooh, it sounds so specialized! That would be uber cool to get it. Government job, which has definite bonuses. The weird thing is that they want my school transcript. Which I'm cool with. I have way too many hours on it. Over 140 for undergrad, about 39 for graduate. Yes, something like 30% more than what most people have for each. So I have a ton of classes they can see I've taken. Which I think will help. I'm a little nervous about it, but not too much. I do have to get up early, which means I need to go to bed soon.

So to bed! To bed with me! But first, I will read. My latest book is Ender's Game. An EXCELLENT science fiction novel, by Orson Scott Card. I recommend it highly. ESPECIALLY if you don't like science fiction (you know I'm talking to you) - it will make you see the error of your ways, not giving sci fi a chance. I hear they may be making it into a movie, closely working with Card himself. If they do, I HOPE it turns out well. They're making I, Robot into a movie. A novel by Isaac Asimov. Something tells me it won't be completely loyal to the book, but if they keep ANYTHING that Asimov put in of substance, it'll still be good. Asimov is cool.

Random link time! I have a bit of an interesting news story for you. The world continues to spawn interesting developments, in ALL areas of life.
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