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What was a blog again?
Yeah, so I'm still not up to a regular pattern sort of thing. Although all the big events that have been happening have slowed down. A bit. Now I'm enjoying the free time I have (minus oodles of cash), hanging out with friends and such. Meeting new people is a plus. I like getting to know the variety of people that are in the world.

It was a good evening today, with kung fu and choir practice. I did both! Wow! Yes, it's amazing. Somehow it worked out. Kung fu was very light. Only four people, including me and Justin. So for us it was mostly conditioning today. Masochistic manuevers, mainly. Beating arms and legs against innate objects, you know how it goes. And then after that, going through one of the harder forms in a very low stance. Ooh, it hurts! Hurts so good... Some of that, a sparring set, and then we started a new exercise today. It consisted of kicking each other in the legs. It's very nice. Justin wants to prepare for some full-contact fighting, and that's one way to do it. So we'll be beating on each other, apparently. I'm cool with it.

And then choir practice! No pianist this weekend, so I'm the only instrument. Which means they waited for me to start practice. I feel special. That, and it was Steve and three new ladies. Ooh, ladies. They were very nice. We practiced the songs, it went well. And the ladies actually complemented my vocal skills (indirectly). I was working on doing one of the harmonies, and I asked them if any of them wanted to learn it, and they all said that a guy doing the harmony sounded good, that they didn't want to mess with it. Aww... That, and there was another harmony (to a song called "We Are One Body") that Steve apparently doesn't like at ALL. He vetoed it immediately. He says it's way too sappy. I asked him to give it a shot, and so I tried singing it, and Steve actually said, "Well, if it's going to sound like that, then it's okay." Woo! Score! I felt accomplished. And just playing the guitar was very enjoyable, too, being the only instrument. Sometimes when other instruments play, it can be a little bit of a pain when you have to adjust tempo according to what SOME people seem to think the tempo should be. But this weekend it should be very smooth. I hope.

STILL looking for work. I wish I had a job, but it's still in the works. Doing the one application a day, roundabouts. I have one to send in tomorrow, and one to follow up on. I really hope I can get it by next week. I don't want to have to worry about paying the bills in an unemployed sort of position AGAIN.

I actually have had some income, though. Fixing computers, mainly. Enough to pay the bills, and even a little extra, to FINALLY buy the lining paper. Ooh! It arrives tomorrow! That means I'll have the weekend to unpack the kitchen. Yay! The kitchen will be rockin'. Then it's a matter of finding a truck to carry a file cabinet I bought for $30. I saw it yesterday. It's freakin' huge. Around four feet tall, a foot and a half wide, and two and a half feet deep. Four shelves of legal size. It's quite nice, I'll enjoy having it, but it's going to be a severe pain to move. Maybe I'll find some help.

I've also decided I need to modify a bit of the computing hardware. My UPS (uninterruptible power supply) has needed a new battery for a couple of years now. I've had it quite a while. APC apparently has a trade-in deal. So I'm going to get a rather nice new UPS for a substantially reduced price. Considering the battery would not be cheap, I think getting a decently priced replacement for the whole UPS would be a good idea. Still happy with the other one. It's good stuff. Keeping my entertainment center oblivious to weird power variations.

Ah, and now I'm starting to get tired. What? Okay. Yes, tired. It happens when I stay up for too long! Omigoodness. What is too long, though? That's a question for the ages. At least a question for not tonight. Yes, indeed. I mean, no, indeed. Or something.

And now a random link! Because I'm random. Not everyone needs it, but since I'm watching a couple of items traverse the countryside, I've found it useful.
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