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Busy busy week. Week.
I made up for my slug-ness by doing extra work today. LOTS of it. I sent off something like six or seven job applications. Called several people (sadly, did not get in touch with many), left messages, etc., etc. (By the way, that's ET cetera, not ECK cetera, as many people are somehow fond of. "Et" is Latin for "and". "Eck" is Latin for "I just tasted something bad".) I did manage to find out why the City of Tulsa has not yet contacted me. At least, a possible reason for it. The guy who was supposed to contact me was out of town on vacation until Monday. So hopefully that will mean I'll hear from him either Tuesday or Wednesday. I have a few more things to follow up on on my list. Of things to do. This week I'm hitting the job seeking HARD. Calling people, sending off a plethora of applications. It makes me mad. I'm qualified for MULTIPLE jobs, but somehow no one seems to realize this.

I did fix another machine over the weekend, a friend of mine's. It was pretty far gone. She somehow managed to acquire 28 viruses in her machine. Plus several hundred pieces of spyware. So it took a while to clean, and several different programs to do it (including regedit). Pain in the butt, but it's finally much, much better. Let me just give all of you people out there who may not yet hold a Master's degree in computer science a piece of advice. Do NOT, no matter how cool you think it might be, install Kazaa on your computer. Even if they tell you otherwise, it somehow seems to always lead to very bad things.

Kung fu today was all right, although Sifu had an unexpected outside obligation, so another student took over class. I helped as best I could, considering we had a decently large class tonight. Unfortunately, the other student didn't realize the earliest students were NOT yet ready to start learning their first form, and began teaching them. I think Sifu got a little upset about that. He and I talked afterwards, and I'm helping him write the academy's newsletter. I'm going to write an article about the difference between the martial arts. Some people tend to think there's not much difference between kung fu, karate, and taekwondo. Oh, but there is. And other people seem to think that kung fu is "flowery" and lots of circular motion, which means, apparently, it's pretty, but not effective. Just because karate masters throw the majority of their attacks in direct straight lines, one at a time, doesn't make them especially effective. In fact, the thing I've found is that it makes them especially effective at demonstrating how NOT to throw attacks, if you don't want to be easily blocked. And circular motions are sometimes found in kung fu, but there's always a reason. And just because it looks good doesn't mean it doesn't work as well or BETTER than other martial arts. Just go watch Fist of Legend. Then you'll understand.

Ah, I should go to bed a little earlier than four tonight, probably, since I have to continue my mad rush towards employment tomorrow. Yes, yes, much to do. And I will follow through, too. I do need to get back to guitar stuff. I have a couple of songs I want to learn, to add to the repertoire. I haven't added anything in a while, it'd be good to do. That, and make some of my OWN songs, as well. Still need to get back to it. So much to do. But yes, I shall leave the random link now. So I can get myself some rest. Are little white lies ever okay? I still don't pretend to really know.
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