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Every other day?
It seems my blog has been falling on every other day.  Funny how that happens.  I didn't really mean it to be that way.  Oh well.  C'est la vie.

I'm really tired, and that is sad.  It's Saturday night, and it's not even late.  Well, REALLY late.  I think it might partially be from a full day.  But first!  Yesterday.  I managed to go out with a friend to see the Bourne Supremacy.  Good movie.  I liked the first one quite a lot (enough, in fact, to purchase said movie).  This one was around the same level of quality.  I only have to comment on how I am not so happy with the latest Hollywood phase, which consists of turning action scenes into "more exciting" levels of viewing by handing the camera to either a person in the midst of an epileptic fit or sitting atop a jackhammer.  Yeah, I don't know about you, but when action is going on, I actually want to VIEW it.  Not get the basic concept relayed to me in intermittent spurts.  "Ooh!  I think I saw a fist!  Wait!  Did he just get hit by that mailman?  Was that a cucumber?  Who's fighting again?"  Fight scenes, as well as car chase scenes.  If it's done occasionally, and for brief moments in time, it's acceptable.  Otherwise, I want to SEE what's going on.  Again, see Fist of Legend for proper fight scene camera examples.  That aside, it actually was quite a good movie.  And it had a decent car chase scene, but mainly I appreciated the moments when you realize just what is going through Jason Bourne's head, generally a while after his initial plan is conceptualized.

And today was kung fu, another eventful day.  Test day!  Many people tested today.  There were actually two people above me testing, which is rare.  One was Chris, who's also a red sash, and Nick, the other black belt.  They both did well, although Nick took two strikes to break the two boards with his kick, and Chris took... well, let's just say Chris took a while.  And ended up possibly breaking one of Justin's knuckles in the process.  A lot of people had some issues with their boards.  Me?  Are you perhaps wondering how my progress with board breaking went?  Well, first, I'll say that yet again my form SUCKED.  I get nervous when so many people are watching.  This time, I didn't leave anything out.  I added a little extra part in, actually.  It made me end up facing the incorrect direction.  But I made it through, no pauses, it was okay.  My speed, power, and precision all could have improved, and Sifu knew it.  So I'll probably have to test again soon.  Oh, the boards?  Yeah, I broke them.  Two sets of two, one with a kick, one with a palm strike.  One my FIRST try.  Yay!  Quite clean breaks, very satisfying.  And a bonus.  The palm strike (my second set of boards) was a little more than average.  I had focused a bit, did a minor bit of meditation before doing it, and I'm thinking that might have had something to do with it.  Because when I hit the boards, they basically EXPLODED.  The front board broke into three separate pieces, the middle of which cartwheeled off behind the guys holding the boards (almost hitting Justin in the head), in almost a slow-motion moment.  The rest of the boards expelled sawdust as they gave up their congruence with each other.  It was quite satisfying, yes.

So that was okay, I'm still a little peeved I didn't do the form as well as I know I can do it.  But after that it was time for food, lots of it, and then just hanging out with Sandra.  I do have to say, root beer floats are very good stuff.  Mmm.

And now I'm prepared to collapse.  So time for bed.  Your random link?  Is here.

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