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Friday evening, doin' a blog
It's Friday, and my butt is at the computer. Heavens. I WAS going to go to the lake, but I thought about it a bit. The traffic didn't appeal to me, considering the fact there's a ton of it because of the holiday. And I still had some stuff to do here, so I thought I'd go ahead, just take a chill evening.

But that's today. YESTERDAY, however, was different. I don't remember too much about what I did yesterday morning. I do remember I was stressed out immensely. Worrying about covering bills without a consistent employment. Which I won't talk about, because thinking a lot about it still stresses me. And it's the WEEKEND. I did send out an application today, so I'll take the weekend off and try not to worry. I will say I was worried yesterday, running about trying to make sure I got to one of my places on time to deposit a check before they closed. I barely made it. I was driving back, still stressed, very tense, and I got a phone call. Ever get one of those phone calls, that somehow makes things better? This was one of those. Actually, it was Sandra. She's still at camp, but thought to call me. She knew I wasn't feeling good immediately (I mean as soon as I said hello), which impressed me. And she basically ordered me to feel better. For some reason, it worked. And I am grateful.

So yeah, I was feeling better, then went on to kung fu a bit, to get some practice and sparring in. It went well. One of the students speaks more Spanish than English, so I've been helping him. He's been helping me, too. Neither of us knew certain words for specific areas of the body (for him, the heel, for me, the fist), so we learned a bit. I helped him through the stances, and it was cool. Then it was time to spar! Our tallest student (something like 6'9") started sparring that night. Against Sifu. Poor guy. Sifu took him down a few times, but I'm sure he learned a lot. Justin helped another student with some of his techniques, mainly teaching him how to properly attack, while he just blocked EVERYTHING. And occasionally slapped him, telling him not to have both of his hands low. It was fun to watch. Then I get to step in, and Justin and I begin. We started slow, then moved up in speed. I think he swept me once... if he did, though, it didn't happen again that night. I was on. He actually didn't hit me once, which is a very rare occasion. We blocked everything, including multiple hit combos. He came VERY close a few times. A couple of times with his thrusting heel kick, which he's gotten very sneaky with. I was surprised I blocked it. Just enough so that he hit my shirt, but not me, and it slid by me. It would probably have hurt a bit if it landed. But no! My blocking skills were working! I came very close to smacking him in the head with a crossing punch. He leaned back JUST enough so that I only caught the tip of his nose. It was pretty funny. At any rate, it was a lot of fun. If we keep improving, we'll eventually be able to record our matches and make a kung fu movie out of them. Yay!

Oh, here you go, bonus pic from Vancouver. This is one of the main crew, plus Sigong Buck Sam Kong. Sifu's seated, with his wife, and next to me is Sihing Justin.

Then I got back and watched some movies. I had some crazy late fees at Blockbuster (like always), and I did cut a deal with the guy there. I got a deal they have for rentals, and he cut my fees. Which would have been something like $25. So basically, instead of paying just fees, I paid about the same, but got their special. I don't know what it's called, but you pay a straight fee once a month, and you get two movies. Return time negligible. Which is GOOD for me. That, and you can go and swap out the two movies anytime you want. So basically, free rentals, once you pay the initial fee. Yeah - I might finish their whole collection in two months.

So what did I rent? Two movies, naturally. One of which is worth mentioning. An excellent film entitled You Got Served. It's better than I expected. A lot of fun. Check it out, if you DARE.

Yeah, so I was up late, and then I proceeded to sleep IN. Longer than I have in a long time. It was nice. Got up for some lunch with a friend, then trying a mad rush for a haircut, which didn't quite work out. Will have to wait another day. I did get to go visit the kwoon and talk to Justin a bit, and borrow a couple of movies from one of the students there. We traded. I loaned him Hero, he loaned me two, one of which I just watched - Dual to the Death. It was a slightly odd movie. Some classic scenes - mainly the end scene with some aerial combat. Interesting, but yes, strange.

I am planning on sleeping in a bit tomorrow, too. Should be fun! You should try it sometime. It's kind of an adventure. You never know who will make fun of you for it, so there's risk involved, too! It's okay, though, I'm experienced at it, so I'm prepared for the risk. I still need to think of something to do for Sunday. I'll be at Newman for the normal church time, which means I'll be getting out just as the sun has set. Which ALSO means I stand no chance of getting a spot in one of the more normal, populated areas. I'll have to think of something creative. Perhaps my balcony. Being on the third floor DOES have its advantages. Ooh! The balcony, one of the anti-mosquite candles, and some munchies. Maybe a guitar. That might work out. I'll play only AMERICAN music. Fun fun.

And it's still early, and since I'm sleeping in, I can stay up. SO - maybe another movie. And hot dogs. I like hot dogs. Oh yeah! One other thing I'm rather annoyed at. My old UPS had an expired battery, so it'd make this annoying beeping every few hours. I replaced it, and as soon as that's fixed, my OTHER UPS decides it wants a new battery, too. The only bad thing is that my other UPS is rather large and powerful, which means the battery is slightly expensive. As in $300 expensive. So sadly, that will have to wait. It upset me because I was using it today and it decides to just lose power when it does the beeping, which reset all my systems. Grr. At least my computer UPS is good for a while.

Okay. Now it's time for random linking. I am a gamer (as if you didn't know), and since it is now the FUTURE, there are some rather cool games coming out soon. One which you may not have heard of (even if you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably heard about Doom 3, Half-Life 2, and Halo 2) is coming out soon. It gives you choices in the path of your life, making a very customized experience. Choose good, or choose evil? Choose, but choose wisely.
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