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Friday NIGHT
It's Friday night. And I have to blog NOW, because I need to get some sleep tonight. You see, I have a tournament tomorrow morning! If you're interesting in seeing what something like this looks like, it'll be at Nathan Hale (21st and Sheridan), $4 at the door for spectators, starting around 10 AM. I was practicing tonight for my form tomorrow.  Should be interesting. I took Gung Gee and cut it down to about a THIRD of its full length. It will still most likely be longer than the competitors' forms. Except for Justin, of course. He'll kick my booty, I'm sure. But at least I don't have the pressure on so much, since he's there. If I don't do as well as him, it's quite all right.  I'll be competing against black belts. The sparring should definitely be

And today's been a GOOD day. I had my interview this morning. Yay! I'd say it went rather well. I seem to fit the description of the person they're looking for (which is actually not easy to find), and it sounds like it'd be a cool job. Sweetness. Sadly, they will get back to me "within" one and a half to two weeks. Which sort of sucks. But maybe it'll be faster. I was interviewed by two guys, they both seemed pretty easy-going, which is good. I think the main guy who interviewed me liked me. Which is a good thing. Now, it's just time to be patient. And hope they get back to me before next month's bills start rolling in.  Ugh.

For now, it's time to focus more on kung fu. I just have to keep my cool during the tournament. I'll actually be very much looking forward to watching some of the other students compete. I hope they do well! I feel almost like a father. Aww. At least two people I know will now be sparring in the adult category for the first time. It will be interesting to see the difference.

Okay, short blog today. I have to chill and get some rest for tomorrow. Woo! So for now, I'll leave you with something quite special. My random link today is something that was released in limited areas in FRANCE. It's something coming out in a year or so, something I'm rather interested in. Maybe you'll be interested in it, too.

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