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Hmm I think it's time to blog
And the week is half over. I have managed to procure a moderate amount of income, thankfully enough to make me a little more relieved at handling my bills. I may even be able to pay them on TIME! Wow! That I'd be okay with. So far it's been more of the same. I somehow manage to have some splendid luck with the computers I'm working on - setting up wireless should really be fairly easy, even if you're going to do WEP. But no! The Apple I was working on didn't want to work! Well, work with reliability, outside of five feet from the base station. And it wasn't something as easy as basic interference, no. Not even a faulty wireless NIC. No! It was, of course, the Apple laptop itself. Most likely was the built-in antenna. So it had to be sent back for repair, and then checked out. The latest fun is the router that is set up. A Linksys router, which should be good. And it is! For the wireless stuff. So it's definitely working. For some reason the Win 98 desktop doesn't want to chat with it. No talking to the router, means no Internet. I talked to Linksys directly, and even THEY didn't know what was wrong. The guy who helped me somehow thought the solution was a static IP address, as opposed to DHCP, even though the router is a DHCP server, so any static IPs have to come from it anyway. His explanation was either the NIC was bad (interesting, considering that I can connect successfully when it's directly connected to the cable modem) or I have a firewall. Since there IS NO FIREWALL installed, I must simply be a fool. Obviously I've done something WRONG here. Bleah. Frustrating. But at the same time, my salvation. Since putting in extra hours problem-solving earns me a bit more pay to cover the bills. Sometimes problems you have turn out being indirect solutions for other problems you have, even if you don't always realize it. Something to consider, next time you have frustrations. I myself am very thankful.

I've had a bit of a break from kung fu, since there was none on Monday, and Tuesday I had something else to spend time with. I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while, at something with the humorous appellation of Theology on Tap. Bunch of crazy Catholics sitting around, listening to some interesting ideas. It was cool. I also had a moment of simultaneous flattery and jovial surprise when I told a girl I met how old I was, only to receive a response of, "Shut up!" She honestly thought I was lying, and had to see my ID to be convinced. She seemed to think I was 20 years of age. Yay! Turns out I actually graduated high school the same year as her. Although I'm one year younger. It was both her and another guy I know (known primarily as Pajunger). Interesting to find out all of our birthdays were in September, only mine was one year after theirs. And we all graduated high school the same year (1996, if you must know - YES I know I'm old). Only I was the only one who had actually completed any degrees. They were both still working on theirs, and I've actually finished TWO. It all seemed so contorted. I'm still not sure what to think of that, entirely.

I'm still going through my crazy Blockbuster madness. Watched Behind Enemy Lines last night. Wasn't too bad - some impressive scenes, good sound (DTS, baby!). Next up is Rocky. Yo, Adrian! Haven't seen it in a long time. Maybe it'll help motivate me, both in kung fu and in employment pursual. I need to get into kung fu a bit heavier - I have a tournament coming up in about a week or so. Week and a half. So I need to get in slightly better shape. I can do it!

I saw King Arthur tonight. It was about as good as I expected. Which is not too good. Some scenes in it it could have done without. And some of the wardrobe was a bit - er, strange. Probably worth waiting for, on DVD. Unless you just really have to see what kind of warped medieval effort Jerry Bruckheimer can produce. After the movie I saw an interesting sight. A pickup truck was sitting in the parking lot, looking a bit damaged. There were a few dents in the side, the hood was up, and it had a definite flat. Only after circling it did it become clear that the truck had caught on FIRE, something in the engine, and it was not extinguished until doing substantial damage. The engine looked basically done. No chance of recovery. The tire was flat because it was completely BURNED. Don't know if it was accidental, or possibly maliciously instigated. Not something seen every day, at any rate.

Okay, enough ludicrously multisyllabic vocabulary for today. Time for random link! Must put link up. For fun times. Actually, today I have a darker link. I'm going to go ahead and warn a bit. It's a movie trailer. But it's a very dark movie (coming out in September), and even the trailer by itself might be too disturbing for some of you. In addition to being PG-13 (the trailer alone, not the movie). You have been WARNED. If you choose to continue even though you've received your warning, go ahead.
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