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It's raining
I didn't blog last night because I was tired. And it's raining now! Very dark outside. And my UPS has kicked in for the first time. Apparently three times. And my computer is still up and running. Yay! Two blackouts, one low voltage moment. Before I replaced it, that would have reset the computer at least twice. Which is annoying. But now it's been fine! And pretty much oblivious to the power weirdness, being provided with some smooth battery action. Mmm, good.

I mowed the lawn for my parents yesterday. It was pretty long, and I had to do it before it started pouring, which it looked like it might have at any moment. Thankfully, it didn't. While I was mowing, I spotted a bunny, probably very young, only something like three inches long. He took off and stopped in the road, so I stopped and tried nudging him back before getting hit by a car. He really didn't want to move, but finally did. So I get back to mowing and then almost hit him AGAIN. I'm trying to shoo him into the bushes, and he just won't move. I actually touched him, and he still didn't move right away. Finally ran into the bushes. Hopefully he learned a bit. Mowers are not your friend, when you're small enough to walk UNDERNEATH them. I didn't see him after that, so I'm thinking he figured it out.

Crazy run from the lawn-mowing action to kung fu action. Kung fu was interesting. Sparred against the tall guy for the first time. He's just getting started on sparring, and he's got potential. It was different to spar him - when somebody's got over a foot height advantage on you, it makes you adjust your sparring techniques. I had to be sneaky to get past his range. He's still learning, but he's getting better. It was kind of fun to just spring up a couple of feet into the air to get into his face, and I think it catches most people off guard.

After that, it was time for another student (Ron) to get his birthday present from Sifu. Sifu told him to get in the middle, and then it was him against me, Justin, and the tall guy (Kyle). At the same time. You learn a bit, when you don't have time to plan your attacks. So it was three-on one for a bit. Justin and I did okay. Justin was the only one to win against all three this time, I think, and he did it once. It came down to him verses me, and he grabbed one of my kicks. It was pretty much finished at that point. I did all right, I narrowed it down to Justin a couple of times. I really don't remember for sure how one of them ended, mainly because I kind of cheated by running slightly out of bounds, so I don't think that one counted as much. The other two guys were caught a little off guard, leaving their backs wide open, which is dangerous. You really have to take out at least one as fast as possible, then keep mobile, don't get cornered. But it's best to take each out as fast as you can. Actually taking on multiple people at once is normally NOT a good idea.

From kung fu action it was a mad rush to choir action. We had four people there, which is twice the number last week. Went pretty well. Actually did some harmonies, which sounds cool with all guys. Hopefully we'll get some WOMEN on Sunday. We'll see.

Then it was time to hang with a friend. We went to Blockbuster to pick out a new set of movies. So it was time for some Stephen King goodness. Apt Pupil. Based on a short story by King, related to tales of the Holocaust. Dark, but interesting. One very good actor, Ian McKellen. And after that, it was Driv3r fun. Just free driving, going around town in the game. It's a potentially brutal game. They've introduced car jacking potential. You can go up and just pull someone out of their car and get in. Or you can walk up, just pull a weapon out and they'll freak and run. OR if they don't run, you can just cap them right there. They slump over, and when you get in, you just pull them out and toss them on the ground. Something about that just seems wrong. I actually enjoy the game itself, the reviews were I believe a little harsher than necessary. It's got definite fun potential.

Mmm, and today I think is kung fu training (preparation for a test and a tournament) and then another trip to Blockbuster. Maybe I should order a pizza! It's been a while. So food is calling. And I must leave a random link. Just so you know, there are other choices than UPS and FedEx, when you want shipping done. And they can definitely be fast.
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