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Late night, more sparring
I'm up late?  What?  That NEVER happens.  But yes, I'm up moderately late.  Working on a few things, thinking about working on other things.  I'm going to bed soon, but I thought to update on some interesting things.

One, I have decided that the woman I've been working for is very cool.  She actually has some connections with the City of Tulsa departments, so she contacted them to put in a good word for me.  Bonus!  I think I shall have to take her out to dinner or something, if I get this job.  I did more work for her today, to find out that her connection being down was actually due to Cox, and nothing to do with her setup.  Hopefully it'll be back, we can repair everything else (tomorrow, perhaps).  She also may be hooking me up with a temporary bit of work.  Web work, apparently, somebody needs updating on a site desperately, it seems.  I have yet to actually see the site, but I have faith it could use work.  Apparently in order to work on this site, I need to know about something called HTML.  Heavens!  I hope they don't expect me to know how to use more than one type of those funky web browser thingies!

More on that on Friday.  And kung fu.  More of that!  Yes, yes.  A solid bit of workout, instruction to other students, and then sparring.  We have a new student, which is very good.  His name's Louis, coming from another school that "teaches" kung fu.  I've mentioned him before - he's apparently learned pretty much all he can at his other school, so for the month he has remaining, he's going to learn what he can at our school.  We'll have to push him extra hard.  Woo!  And sparring tonight continued my reign of pain.  I sparred with Sean (Justin wasn't feeling good even before class, so left before class started).  We were going okay, pretty rough.  And he snags one of my kicks.  I THINK he's finished, so I let down my guard, while he's still holding my leg.  And then he throws a thrust kick.  Into my groin.  Yeah, it hit, dead on.  Well, not DEAD on.  Only one injury, as opposed to two, if you get my drift.  So that didn't make me too happy.  I unleashed a bit on him after that.  Ended up hitting him in the face four times or so.  Which I really shouldn't have done.  Although he really needs to work on his evasion technique.  Turning your face INTO a punch isn't usually the best defense.  I really should have more caution, but hey, after someone racks you, you usually don't care quite as much.  I did pop him once in the eye quite nicely.  But the one that's going to stick was his jamming a finger on me.  I'm not even sure how it happened.  I think he tried blocking something, and it didn't quite work.  Oh well.  I am STILL a bit sore, and even though his hit didn't put me on the ground, it never feels good.

So now I have to go to sleep.  I have worked a bit for Sifu on the newsletter, and I'm finishing it up tomorrow, burning it on disc, and then handing it to him.  Hopefully it'll all be okay.  Ah!  And now, for you, it's random link time.  I stumbled across this one.  I found some pretty nifty stuff in the computer animation part of the portfolio.  Why don't you check it out?

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