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Mmm, the weekend
It's so tasty. I spent all of today doing NOTHING. I was a slug. It was nice. Basically slept until around 1 or so, then got up to use the restroom, check on my job updates, and then get back in bed and read for a while. After that I got hooked on a game my friend Sean clued me in on. It's called Puzzle Pirates, and it's actually pretty fun. Careful, though - it can be addictive. I was hooked for several hours.

Then it was time for pizza and Pepsi! With a friend of mine who I haven't hung out with in a little while. And swapping out the movies. We saw the Fugitive tonight. Good movie! Harrison Ford is quite cool. And that's been about it. Nothing else.

Yesterday was more kung fu, and sending out a few applications. The kung fu was good, working on my staff set to get ready to test soon. And a tournament in a week, too! I need to start getting ready for that. I managed to nicely enhance a few bruises I had from Thursday.

Oh, I did have a very freaky dream last night. It was quite dark. No Godzilla this time. I was somehow in charge of torturing/killing some guy, by cooking him in an oven. I actually could hear him shrieking as his flesh cooked. And I remember having to take some tongs to turn one of his arms so both sides were even. I think it was a bad mix of eating hot dogs, We Were Soldiers, and Apt Pupil. Maybe I should mix other things. Like maybe a hot bath, ice cream and What Women Want. That'd be better.

Of course, I'll be reading a bit of Stephen King before bed tonight, so maybe that's not going to help any. Going back through Four Past Midnight. Again. I used to be a huge King fan, when I had time to read. First book I read was Misery, and I remember reading that in seventh grade, in three days. And if I remember right, it's a six hundred page book, so that meant I was pretty into it. A little bit of influence on my own personal writing style, I think.

Okay. Random link time. I've got nothing. Which means you should just go here and type your favorite thing.
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