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Movies are fun
I have just finished watching The Messenger. A somewhat interesting film. Almost two different films, rolled into one. The first half is more traditional. The second half goes a little psycho. I'm still not sure what I think of it. I think Milla Jovovich is cool, but her constant expression of "I just stepped on a nail!" got old after a while. There were some cool moments, though.

Yes, I'm taking advantage of my NEW Blockbuster deal. Pay up front, get unlimited rentals. Limited to two at a time. No due dates. Which means, of course, I've returned everything within what WOULD have been the proper time limit. Instead of returning it all super-late and paying double for my rentals. I think it works out better that way. I don't know if I'll keep it going month-to-month, but we'll see.

Mmm. Today was VERY uneventful, since it's sort of a holiday. Since the 4th fell on a Sunday this year, the labor relief in honor of our national holiday has to fall on the closest valid day. Which was today. Well, technically yesterday, but you know what I mean. And I tried doing another application, but everything's CLOSED. So hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow. I'm still worried about this month's bills. A few major things are going to be due here in a couple of days.

BLEAH I'm not thinking about that now. Okay, I DID go to kung fu. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that that, too, was closed for the holiday. Two other people forgot, as well, but I pretended I was just going in to check up on things. Yes, I was bad, and I LIED. I actually feel remorseful for it now. Oh well, perhaps I will come clean next time I see those people. So instead of that, I dropped by Blockbuster to swap out my movies. I got The Messenger and a Jet Li movie I'm not SURE I've seen yet. Probably, but I don't know for sure.

So the weekend - Sandra was back in town for the holiday, so we hung out a bit. Good times. She's back to camp for another 1.5 weeks. I could spout for several paragraphs about that, but I do care for my blog readers and how they surely don't want to hear sappy things, so I'll spare you. I DID hear from another friend I haven't heard from in half a year. His name is Bret! He's one of my oldest friends (yes, even as old as ME) - he was the one who gets the majority of the credit for inspiring me to play guitar. His was the first guitar I ever played. A Fender Jazzmaster, actually. Quite a nice guitar. I remember what I played, too. The first few notes of Today, by Smashing Pumpkins. Anyway, he's been in Italy for a few months, he just got back. He's going to be back in town at the end of July, and we'll hang out then. It'll be good.

And for the actual holiday, I spent the beginning of it in CHURCH. Yes, with the choir, and a very light congregation. Not many people in choir, either. I was worried, briefly, it might just be me and the director. My voice was NOT on that evening, either, which made me a little upset, but that's okay. Afterwards, most of the fireworks I saw that night were on the sides of the road. I didn't bother trying to find a good place to go after the sun had already set. It was okay, though, I played the national anthem on the electric guitar, quite loudly. I think that's a very valid way to celebrate the holiday. Not QUITE as nicely as Jimi, but hey, I'm getting closer.

Okay, I'm going to try to get some sleep tonight, and continue with the pursual of employment tomorrow. I'm actually anxious to do REAL WORK. So here's your random link. Seems like there's kind of a theme going on with new musicians, nowadays.
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