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Another week, another Monday
Ugh, Mondays. They're not usually overly exciting. This Monday isn't really an exception. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep over the weekend, so I'm still a bit out of it. Just need to... stay awake...

So Friday turned out cool. Kung fu, I worked with Justin a bit. Massaged my jammed fingers here and there, and worked over part of my new form (another sparring set). It was good, though. From there I went to Pepper's to see a band a friend of mine recommended. They're all fairly young guys, but they're quite good. My friend (Andrea) told me I had to see them because the guitarist plays "that song" I play. She was referring to Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee. A moderately difficult song to play, if I do say so myself. So that intrigued me enough that I had to go check them out. And they're good! Do a large variety of covers, and have a few songs of their own. They did a very nice version of the Police's Message In A Bottle. I talked to a few of the members, found out some interesting things. The guitarist hasn't been playing too long, but he is very good, loves what he does. The drummer is a character, and as it turns out, has a bit of kung fu experience. In addition to several other martial arts. Fourteen years of experience, turns out. Learned from a monk who visited a family he was staying with. So his kung fu is quite good; we sparred briefly outside after their second set. He's definitely got the rhythm to know his experience is substantial. I may have to stay in contact with him. Oh, and the band's name is Left on Harvard. EDIT: One thing I forgot - the song Andrea thought was Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee was actually Thunderstruck by AC/DC. He doesn't play Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee, as far as I know. Although now I need to learn how to play Thunderstruck. EDIT SOME MORE (5:47 PM): I learned how to play Thunderstruck.

Yeah, so from there it was time to go home and sleep. Since I had to get up for a workshop in the morning! A three-hour workshop. Chin na. It was very good. The guy giving the workshop, a Dr. Yang, definitely knew his stuff, and he gave us basically four techniques in the three hours we had. There was a variety of people there, and it was interesting to see. Justin and I teamed up, naturally, and proceeded to inflict massive pain upon each other for a couple of hours. I enjoyed it immensely. Even though my jammed fingers didn't help the pain factor. We'll have to practice on - erm - show the other students a few of the techniques. There were two other workshops, but me still being in the "poor" position, couldn't afford any more. I'll just have to do it next time he's in town.

After that, it was lunchtime! So I had some cookies. Good cookies, Embrey! And then Fred and Carlos came by for some martial arts movie madness. Although Fred's movie was imported from Japan, and apparently, the region it was set to was not one that was valid for ANY of my three DVD players. So we'll have to finish it at a later date at Fred's place. Instead, we watched Kung Pow (since I never finished watching it in the first place). It was a pretty lazy day. We ordered Chinese food, too! Chinese food and martial arts mix well.

Then Sandra made a surprise visit, so we hung out for a while, finished the Three Amigos. Only took about two weeks! What a pleasant surprise! It was a lot of fun, though. Although I probably should have gone to sleep earlier (don't be taking that as any sort of implication). And Sunday - I ended up visiting the homestead for a little bit, and then going to help my parents' neighbor with computer stuff. Mainly setting up a wireless system for them and revising all their anti-spyware software, which I'd set up before. That, and some mischevious person had reinstalled Kazaa, so there were several hundred new pieces of spyware. Bleah. It's okay, I had everything taken care of (setting up the network, software, removal of spyware) in about 90 minutes. Oh yeah, good stuff.

Then church - although I really didn't enough sleep the night before, so I was exhausted all through mass. And I didn't have time for dinner after the computer repair work, so I was malnourished, as well. Ugh. My voice was off (WAY off on a few points), and I was just feeling woozy in general. Everyone has to have a bad day from time to time, I guess.

And that leaves it until now. Where I'm back to work, starting my week again. Learning new programming languages and software. Good stuff! Although I'll need a nap, since I didn't fully recover last night. I did figure out how to get AIM working, through a proxy and a blocked url list. Woo! That was last week. Today I'm getting into Perl. Perl is good. So! Now it's time for a random link. I'll just leave you with a related bit of instruction. For those who are curious enough to learn.

Glad you came to Peppers! Do you want to be on the Left on Harvard newsletter mailing list? I promised Jason I'd ask you. And if so, what email do you want on it? Just email me. Thanks again for coming! :)

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