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I'm tired
I'm quite tired. Maybe it's all this WORK I've been doing. Crazy nine hour days. So yesterday was meet everyone day. A co-worker I'm supposed to study with (to take over his position, basically) took me to meet a lot of his contacts. A rather large set of contacts. Spent more than half the day running around downtown visiting different buildings, meeting people. It was pretty cool, though. It's good to make contacts. So for a second day, it was pretty productive. That, and I got to see Libby at lunch at Baxter's, where she works. So that was a bonus. The guy I'm working with is pretty cool. He's a crazy character. I think he'll be fun.

Then it was relax a teensy bit, then kung fu. Kung fu was good. I got to spar someone. He's been going for a few months, but in the day classes, so I never sparred him before. He's very aggressive, so my "go light on the new guy" approach got me smacked a few times. A few times in the FACE. But it's okay, I'm used to it. I popped him a few times as payback. Solid thrusting heel into the stomach, and flying jump punch to the HEAD. Plus a few others. Then it was time for some "educational" sparring with Justin. The good stuff, where we go slowly and use traditional kung fu to learn a bit more. We got some sweet moves from it, I'll have to definitely remember them.

Then today, it was time for some crazy Microsoft Training Seminar Thingie. All day long! Which meant four different rooms, with a different session in each room. Four times throughout the day, different sessions each time. So a grand total of sixteen to choose four from, although one was repeated. Different "themes" for each room. Like management, development, security, so forth. (The so forth means I don't remember the fourth one.) I stuck with the security room. It was pretty good stuff. Learned all about XP Service Pack 2, and the modifications and benefits. It seems like MS is actually getting with it, I was impressed. There was a Linux cost comparison session, too, which was fun. The guy asked everyone who had used and/or liked Linux, and four people answered in the affirmative, including me. I gave him some trouble about some of the stuff he brought up. Such as the number of critical errors reported for each OS, and how Windows has a fraction of the number Red Hat does. I calmly commented that just because Windows has reported less doesn't mean it HAS less. It was fun, though. At the end of the whole thing there was a drawing for prizes! But I didn't win. Aww. The grand prize was an X-Box! But I have one already. Although winning a new one would be cool! 'Cause my current one is RETARDED. Oh well. I did get a free lunch! Mmm. Banana. I also found out the one of my co-workers is a fairly hardcore gamer. We talked up Doom and Far Cry. I need to purchase Far Cry. And a new video card. After paying my bills, naturally.

Then it was choir practice! Which was fairly sparse. Just instrumentalists, and one vocalist who hasn't been with choir for several months. So I was the primary vocal sound, even though Carlos and the other vocalist (Marni, my sister's old roomie) were singing. (I still think they need to be louder, even if Megan thinks that's mean.) Our songs sounded okay, though, I think.

And Sandra's leaving in the morning. Yes, for school, to the great beyond. They great beyond of ARKANSAS. It makes me a little sad, but she'll be back occasionally. So I'll still get to say hey every now and then, even in person.

And now I think I should go to sleep, so I can get some reasonable sleep. Maybe I'll actually get to leave at 4:30 instead of after 5 tomorrow. Since I've been showing up at 7:30. Bleah. It's making me POOPED. Poopedenheimer is what I am. Random link! Since Halo 2 is coming out pretty soon, maybe you should go back for some of its background. WAY back.

Uooohh! Yeah! Dig SP2! :: doing the sp2 dance ::

((hey, man, the MS employees gotta take the love where we can get it, you know?))
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