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Kung Fu, Doom 3, So Forth
I'm being bad again at blogging regularly. Things have gotten a little... different. I guess mainly since the focus of my life is no longer on finding a job, since I've found one (Yay!), but moving on to other things. Changing gears, if you want to call it that.

I've finally gotten back into kung fu. I got to spar with Louis (the new guy, transferred from the other kung fu place) for the first time. He's got a ways to go, but he definitely has the motivation to move forward. I think he'll do well. And the rest of it was primarily Justin sparring, of course. He managed to sweep me yet again. And I landed on my NECK. It's almost back to normal, but it didn't really feel good. I'm giving him some good practice, though. And he had a big tournament in Dallas over the weekend (weekend before this last one). Apparently, there was a ruckus about judgement calls for forms. I guess Justin and Nick both were in competition, and Nick got an 8.4 and Justin an 8.5. They thought the ranking was from 8 to 9, but it turns out it was actually from 8.5 to 9.5. Which means they both got the shaft. I don't know how Nick's form really was, but I know Justin's was probably better than most of his competitors (perhaps not all, but I'm confident in saying "most"). There's no real reason for why they were ranked so badly. Apparently everyone else did their forms very fast, and there was a 1:30 time limit for form competition. I think that's silly, because it takes at least 2:30 to properly do Gung Gee. Eh. At any rate, continuous sparring was the next day, and I think Justin got his vengeance that day. He got first. Yay! He made it sound like most of them didn't know how to handle a lot of his techniques. His backfist, for one. I guess even if your forms are especially pretty, we now know who knows REAL kung fu - muahahahahahaaa! He said I probably would have ranked third or even second, after him. I'm glad that I have the option to train with him - the best way to improve is to train with people better than you.

And I also have been playing a bit of Doom. It's a well-done game. Dark and scary. VERY dark. Intentionally. So you're wandering around, can't see too much, just what your flashlight illuminates. And after stumbling across an enemy, you have to put it away to pull out a weapon to defend yourself. Which can be a pain sometimes, but I believe the struggles with defending yourself in dark environments were intended by id. Best with surround sound, at night, by yourself. Woo! Scary stuff.

And I've been watching too many movies lately. Still have my crazy unlimited Blockbuster madness, so I'm renting frequently. Saw Friday the 13th part 2 for the first time. It's pretty scary, not too bad. I think the first three were the ones that were actually decent before it started going downhill. Downhill and WEIRD. Yeah, saw that, and a movie called Scanners. Sci-fi horror. Actually, not too much horror, just a couple of extraordinarily violent scenes that puts it into that category. It wasn't too bad, a few interesting ideas. Until they started bringing computers into it. Yeah - people talking about technology when the producers/writers don't actually know anything about the technology is not always a good idea. I think they may be re-releasing it sometime soon, though. Just a guess.

I also saw Collateral yesterday, with a few guys. Boys' night out, baby! Yeah. It was actually really good. Tom Cruise plays a bit more of a bad guy in this movie, and does an excellent job. I think most of us thought the best word to describe his character was "professional". A few moments in the movie were impressive enough that I may watch it again, just to see them. Good stuff.

And I'm blogging today, during the day, because for some reason I keep falling asleep early. Probably good, considering I'll need to sleep earlier and get up earlier for work on Monday. Yay! I'm excited! I don't even know what all my benefits are, but everyone says very good things about City jobs. So we'll see. I'm pretty pumped, though. This week, it'll be cleaning time, reorganizing the apartment a bit. Should be good. Maybe even take pictures once I get it to where I want it. Woo!

So now it's time to go, and you must have this random link I found. Not much to say about it. I'll just say it's more on the fun side of things.

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