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Lunchtime again
And I have eaten the leftovers from my leftovers. Not a full meal, really, but in conjunction with my peanut M&Ms and a Pepsi I'm good. Hopefully today will be a little more active. This week has been a little slow, so far, but it was mainly because a large number of the people I work with went to a conference. Something about Active Directory, I think. Learning all about forests and domain controllers and other fun stuff. I gave a talk about it with a group in one of my classes last fall. Hey, there might even be a blog talking about it. Hmm.

It's been a slow week, but I got more sleep last night, finally. Monday was slow, but kung fu was interesting. Sifu had a potential student come in. He was very interested, and Sifu wanted to help him, except for one minor detail. He spoke nothing but Spanish. So of course, he calls me in, and I come right before class, to end up talking to him. He's interested, but I don't know if he'll sign up for sure. I still need to practice my Spanish more, it's rusty. He said I sounded fine, that he didn't really think I was bad at it, even if I did. But something happened with someone in Sifu's family, so he had to run off. Hopefully things will turn out okay, but I think it's rough. I'm trying to think good thoughts for him. And since Sifu left, that left ME in charge of class. Something like seven or eight students, which is more than normal for a Monday class. But I took charge! Left one of the senior students in charge of warmups while I talked to the visiting guy, and then took everyone through the first form, then made several corrections where necessary. And then it was time for practice. I managed to get around to almost every student, which I thought was pretty impressive, considering that it was just me. I think I missed two - one of which was a student who's close to my level (although several years my senior and ahead by a bit), the other which I just didn't get a chance to work with. I helped a lot of people, and it made me feel accomplished. Productive work gives satisfaction.

Tuesday was slow. Again. But I've been working more, learning about various things in the office. I got a free lunch at Newman, which is good stuff. I talked to a few people there, met a couple others, and saw my friend Keri who just found out she's pregnant. Congratulations, Keri! Then it was time to grab a quite bite to eat and go to kung fu. Sifu still wasn't back, so Justin was in charge. Class was extremely light, but we had a new student start. He hadn't even visited a class, but just joined up. I was impressed. His stances were better than average, although he was hurting by the time we finished reviewing them. For some reason, watching new students aching severely after learning the stances makes me smile. Kung fu is hard! He did well, though, and I'm looking forward to watching his progress.

After class ended Justin and I continued our efforts at breaking a board. What? You're wondering, "They can't break A board?" Don't worry, it's not what you might be thinking. Breaking one normal board, when it's set up on some sort of stand (two rock pedestals or something) - is quite easy. You can accidentally lean on it and break it. Breaking a board when somebody's holding it with two hands is a little bit harder, but not too much. Breaking a board when someone's holding it with ONE hand is a bit more difficult, as is breaking a board when nobody's touching it (after it's been dropped, that type of thing). The difference there is that you have Newtonian physics assisting when someone's holding it securely. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, all that. Which basically means that if you try breaking a board that is not secured, it's TWICE as hard as breaking one that someone's holding, force-wise, as well as having the speed necessary to break the board before it leaves your hand. So hitting it and snapping it, as opposed to knocking it away. All right. Now take one of those, break it in half, and then try speed breaking (breaking while holding with one hand, or dropping it) THAT. It's rather hard. And that's what Justin and I have been doing. We've managed to put a large number of substantial dents in the wood, but it still hasn't broken. We'll keep going, though. Eventually the wood will rot enough that it'll be EASY. So all we have to do is keep working on it for ten years.

I went by Blockbuster afterwards, to pick up Kung Pow, since I've never seen it. And some women were there playing some of the demo games. One of them was rather impatient, and somewhat violent. She would throw the controller after being unsuccessful at one attempt or another. It made me sad. That, and she complained that the game she was playing before was almost impossible to do right. That game? DDRMAX, on the PS2. With a dance pad. So I stepped in to show her the PROPER way to do it. She picked the song, which was a fairly difficult one. Since the TV was placed high, I had to look up and couldn't keep track of exactly where all the arrows on the floor were, but I still managed to get a "B" score on the song. I think she got flustered that I couldn't be made upset by the difficulty of the song which had hurt her pride. Maybe it was made easier by the fact that I own DDRMAX2 and a dance pad, but that might be my imagination...

I got to bed a little earlier after unsuccessfully attempting to view Kung Pow (I was sleepy, and it didn't quite keep me on my toes with excitement). As bad as the movie is, apparently it was good enough to merit a sequel. So I'm more awake today. And I should go back to using that.

Oh! But about the comments. Silly people, not commenting. Click on the "comments" link, it'll open up any listed comments (on the SAME PAGE), and give you the link to make a comment. Hint hint. Yeah, you can't have your name listed "officially" unless you're logged in, but you CAN make an anonymous comment and still put your name at the end of the comment. It's easy!

Time to stop commenting, and time to start working. Some more. Random link! There are professional organizations out there. Some are better than others. I belong to what I think is a decent one, and I try to choose wisely.

i am so dumb, it never clicked that i could comment on your blog. muahahah, no one is safe now.
Pootenheiming pootenheimer comments!
You're silly Ericus! Okay, you asked for comments, so now you're getting 'em!
I miss hanging with you!
Oh lordy Eric... you didn't tell me your a DDR freak. =-p Now *that's* something I gotta see. LOL

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