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Ooh cool stuff happens occasionally
Yes, it's true. COOL stuff can happen, from time to time. And it's time. I'll get to that, though. First off - choir practice on Wednesday. It was a little upsetting. Mainly because I was FIRST to show up there, had my guitar tuned, and ready to go, and then STEVE doesn't show up. Megan shows up and says that apparently he talked to her and said he wouldn't be there, but she's in charge. I'm a little upset at Steve. I don't mind so much that Megan was in charge (although some sort of divided leadership would have been nicer), it's that Steve didn't tell me about any of it. Grr. I helped lead the choir all through the summer (and I daresay I didn't do too bad of a job), as well as leading some of them through a wedding. I just somehow feel unappreciated when I'm left out of the loop for the first major practice of the year. And we had something like SEVEN new members. Mostly freshman. I think there's potential for a very good choir this semester. Megan and I had our standard conflicts, although it's getting a little more lighthearted (which is good), even though she DID make fun of me outright. I think part of my frustration was that I wanted to help lead the new students, teach them harmonies, working them through the melody, but I felt very restrained because Steve put Megan in charge, so it was really out of my hands. Bleah. Hopefully it'll be better next time.

Ah, and the first coolness happened that night. I think - it might have been yesterday, but I'm fairly sure it was Wednesday. Okay, so I have a guitar peripheral made by Line 6 called the PODxt. Well, Line 6 just updated EVERYTHING for the PODxt. The firmware's updated, they changed settings, so forth. And it's awesome. Before, there were 4 user spots, where you could create your own custom settings to get the sound you wanted. They bumped that up a little. To 64 user spots. A total of 128 patches. The sound itself is better, too. Makes me want to start recording again. As a matter of fact, I DID record a bit, just to play. I might post that later. There's more improvements, but I won't get into them here. I'll just say, it's almost on the same level as their crazy Vetta II amplifier. And it's FREE. There are a few extra model packs that DO cost money, and I might upgrade to those, in time, but for now, I'm enjoying the PODxt all over again.

Yesterday was more work, and then kung fu. Class was pretty good. My friend Christina (see comments - she makes some) came to see about possibly signing up. I sparred with the same guy I did last time, named Truman. He's quite aggressive. Every time he keeps the aggression level there, I'm going to start pushing back. I bumped it up a notch yesterday, although I ended up jamming two fingers on my right hand. GRRR. First time in a while. They're swollen nicely, and I can't make a full fist, but hopefully they'll get better fast. Then Justin and I worked through techniques after class, which is always fun. The moves we had discovered last week are still very effective. He said he tried it out four times sparring that night, and it worked every time. Woo! I'll have to try it myself, against some of the other students.

And my friend Embrey leaves for school today, so I got to see her really quickly last night. She made me cookies! I like cookies. They're quite good, too. I think a lot of the Tulsa people are going to miss her. She'll visit, though, I'm sure. She's not TOO far off.

Oh - the other cool thing! I managed to get a spot on the WoW Stress Test Beta. Yay! Sadly, it's only seven days long, and I still don't know when it starts, but I've got a spot reserved. So I'll get to try it out! Best MMORPG EVER. It will be, at least. You'll see.

Okay. It's Friday, but I should do SOMETHING at work. Been doing scripting, trying to optimize a few data processing things. It's cool. Scripts are good. Doing a lot of stuff in one line - that's the way I like to do it. So now I'll have to leave you with your random link. This one isn't so random; you know my love for the guy.

Okay, here's another round of comments... since I'm apparently known for them already!

Must be a bit testing to work with someone who has made fun of you outright. Kudos to you for being able to do it... I probably couldn't.

You should definitely do more recording! Me likey guitar musicses. Make more!! Because, you know... your only purpose on this earth is to amuse me... right? =-p

I'm really glad I came early enough to watch the whole kung fu class this time, since I didn't get to see the first part last time. It gave me a much better idea of what to expect, and now I'm even *more* interested than before... just cross your fingers for me that I'll be able to afford it. I've always enjoyed watching kung fu, so getting to see what it's like to learn it is really exciting... not to mention that Justin actually acknowledged my existence this time... hehehe... Yeah I know, I'm a hopeless Justin fan. But don't worry Eric, I've been one of *your* groupies pretty much from the beginning, right?? =-p Seriously though, you two are really awesome, and if I can pull off the money part of it, I'm really looking forward to learning from you guys, not to mention Sifu... man he's cool. =)

Aaaaand finally... DOWN with WoW!! EQ rules! Oh wait, crap, no it doesn't... dang. I lose again! Oh well, had to do my EQ duty and try to put in a good word for it. Not that it can do much to compete with the rising storm that is WoW. Hehe.
i find it incredibly immature that you feel the need to post negative things about other people at your church. megan is an incredibly sweet girl, and she does not deserve to be treated with the disrespect that you have shown by writing about her on your blog. in case you hadn't realized, other friends and family (many associated with the newman center) read your blog. i highly doubt that you would appreciate it if someone else wrote these things about you.
All right, this merits a response. It is immature to post negative things about people. That is why I didn't post anything negative about people. I happen to think Megan is a very good musician, and she did a fine job leading. I was simply upset that it was apparent that MY leadership skills were not viewed as qualified enough to use. I would have loved to help, but it's because I wasn't asked to that I felt I shouldn't, and that's where my frustration was based.

And yes, she did outright make fun of me, but I thought it was pretty funny. So Megan, if you're reading, really, no hard feelings. If it's that sensitive of a subject, I'll never comment on choir again.
Marni--Please grow up.
it's your blog; you write what you want. if people get offended, they can go read something else, like an encyclopedia entry on rocks.
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