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ROWR! Changes!
I'm blogging from work. Yes, it's naughty. But it's okay. Because I'm on lunch break! Yay! I'm eating my leftover sandwich from Bill and Ruth's. Good sandwiches, they have there. I recommend it.

So my last update was Thursday night, I think. Which means Friday is next on my "what's been happening" list. Friday is a good day of the week, I must say. It was spent primarily at work, of course. Although a very light day at work. Seems like Fridays are like that. So I did the work thing, learning more here and there about crazy things like Crystal Reports. And from there, leaving a little bit earlier than I have been, although I was still one of the last to leave. To go home and finish an article for the kung fu newsletter, burn it to disc, then take it with me to the Friday class. It was pretty cool, mainly just talking to Justin. I did get to learn a little bit more of my newest form, another sparring set.

And then it was time to hang with Sandra, back for a bit before moving more stuff with her up to Arkansas. We watched part of Three Amigos! Quality movie. Sadly, note I said "part of" because she's still having trouble with the whole "I'm so comfortable" sensation followed closely by the "I'm so asleep" sensation. Yes, we've tried TWICE, knocking away about twenty-five minutes at a time. At this rate, we'll finish the movie in about three weeks. But it's all good.

So sleep leads to Saturday. Saturday was cool, because it was time for Justin's kung fu graduation party! Cake, and ice cream, and soda pop (as Sifu calls it, which cracks me up). AND a big honkin' 14 karat gold ring for Justin. It's got the school's logo on it, and it's quite sweet. He got it during the graduation, and he gave a nice little speech, thanking Sifu and the school. And he even said a thank you to ME, of all people, for just being the guy to train with him regularly. It made me happy. So we did all that, then went to Bill and Ruth's afterwards (which provided the lunch I'm eating now). It was cool.

Sunday was helping Sandra finish packing, as well as some final computer assistance details. For some odd reason, people seem to think I'm knowledgeable about computers, and ask for my help. But for some OTHER odd reason, I seem to like it. (I like it even MORE if I help and have a little more cash money afterwards, but that's a different story.) So she was off to school, to start her classes Monday. Today. But we're not there yet, in my tale of progression through it all.

And the first mass of the school year. New students came from all over the lands, to participate in the church celebration. A LOT of people came. And we had about three new choir members, too! The choir sounded better than it has in a while - having those extra people really helps. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes through the semester.

And then I stayed up WAY too late hanging out with friends. But that's always worthwhile, I think. Maybe naptime later today. Today it's just been getting back to the grind, all that. Hopefully I'll get some real sleep tonight, then be fresh tomorrow. HOPEfully.

Hey! Did you notice? I've changed something fairly big with my blog. A comments section! Yeah, I should have put it in a LONG time ago, but oh well. It's here now! Comment away, if you will. Hopefully comments of a polite nature. You can comment on some sort of fascinating tale I had to tell, or maybe about something you'd like to see me talk about, or so forth. Yes! It'd be good. Oh! And to post a comment, click on the time link under the post. If you think I should let my comments be viewable on the main blog page, you can leave a comment to let me know. Just a comment. Oh wait! This is an edit. My l337 h4x0r skillz have allowed me to make the comments linked at the bottom. JavaScript and everything. So it's dynamic! You can click it to see any comments posted, or to post a comment. Yay!

And since my lunch break is now ending, I should probably also end my blog time. But not before I give you a random link! This was something a co-worker pointed me to, in reference to what good web design looks like.

Okay, I'm anonymous for now, because I don't feel like taking the 3 minutes to set up an account. If I make this a habit, I'll sign up... I just wanted to be the first commenter! Muahaha!

So, comments, comments... hm...
- Three Amigos = very cool movie, hope she can stay awake through it at some point.
- Congrats to Justin!
- Yay for comments!

Hmm.. hopefully I'll have more interesting comments at some point. But for now, this will do for the function of making me the first commenter. =)

--- Christina
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