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Too long, too long
I'm talking about the amount of time it's been since I last updated. Naturally. Speaking of - hold onto your butts, because this one's going to be too long. This BLOG, I mean. What are you thinking of?

I'll start at the beginning. It was just like it was last week... oh wait, it WAS last week. My friend Bret came in town. We hung out, and it was loads of fun. I haven't seen him in about half a year. He's a crazy guy. I finally got to take a picture of his nifty car. It's a Volvo! You wouldn't think a Volvo would be nifty, would you? Well, what if it was an old one?

Yeah, that's his car. And him! We re-visited Taco Bueno (there aren't any out west, where he's going back to, and there aren't any in Italy, where he's been).

Ah, and I went and saw The Village with my friend Carlos. Midnight showing, baby. It's actually a really good movie! I recommend it. Just keep in mind, with Shyamalan, you can't go in expecting anything specific. So just watch and let him unfold everything FOR you. Then you'll enjoy it, I think. I may go see it again.

Yeah, so Friday rolls around. I was supposed to hear from the City about the job, but they hadn't contacted me. So four thirty, I say "Screw it" and call them. He apologized for not calling, but they had one more person to interview, so I had to wait until the next week to find out. But I was still on the list, so that was a good sign. Ugh! The tension ever-building.

And from there, it was a mad rush to pack and get off to TEC 8. Yay! TEC is a Catholic retreat, one I've been attending since the third one. I'm usually the guitar guy there, it turns out nicely. This one turned out to be one of the better ones I've remembered. It was very cool. Lots of people I knew attended, which also was cool. And the one big surprise, the one nobody expected who signed up at the LAST MINUTE - Carlos. He ended up attending. And he enjoyed it a lot! He told me he got a lot out of it, and I'm really happy about that. It was three days of fun and introspective speculation. And some new friends. We returned Monday night. Then Carlos and Embrey came over to join me and Sandra for insane movie night. Insane? Yes, because we all were running on way too little sleep. Sandra promptly fell asleep. I think the rest of us faded in and out. We saw How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. I was the only one who hadn't seen it. For a chick flick, it was pretty good.

Tuesday! I have to say Tuesday's one of the best days I've had in a very long time. I'm awakened about 9:30 by a phone call. It's the City of Tulsa. Calling to tell me that they finally made a decision about the position. And I've got the job! Yaaaaay! Utter relief. And I have to wait until later that day or the next for them to finish sorting through the salary negotiations. But that's okay. I am now employed. After about three months of stress, working fervently to locate open positions that are appropriate for a Master's degree, and struggling with paying the bills (now almost all of which are overdue), I have finally found some peace. And I am grateful. So they called the next day to tell me the salary. And I won't say it here. But I will say it's enough to cover my bills, which is all that I really cared about.

And from there I get up and get ready, then off to GameStop. To get Doom 3! It's in. But I don't have money. So I take credit from Half-Life 2 (which seems like it's never coming out), dump it over, and then reserve two other games with it (Fable and Burnout 3, both excellent games). And I have money left over! Yay! That, and I got a Fable disc with videos of all sorts of things about Fable. AND I got to play a demo disc they had there of Burnout 3. It's going to be a sweet, sweet game. So I installed Doom 3, and while my computer is now outdated enough that it barely plays, it still plays. And it's pretty scary. Good stuff.

And from there I go to Carlos's, we watch the Fable stuff, then go off to Theology on Tap. A nice gathering where a priest gives a talk, then opens up for question and answer. This time it was Father Teddy, who I must say is one of the cooler priests I know. He's very intelligent, and has more answers that make sense to me than most people, about Catholicism. His talk was excellent.

Ah, and from there, it was time to hang with Sandra, since we hadn't in forever (by ourselves). She claimed ownership for the night, since Carlos has kind of taken a lot of my time previously. And it was all good. From there, it was bedtime, and we say our goodnights.

Oh, but it wasn't over quite yet! I go to meet up again with Carlos at IHOP, but he's just had an allergic reaction, which is bad. So we have to take off so he can take care of that. And then it's just relaxing a bit, watching some Strong Bad stuff, and then it's bedtime for me. So I go home and crash.

Wednesday. Duhn duhn! Seems like I needed a Law and Order moment there. Even though I've never really watched it. I talk to the City again, and I find out I'll need the drug test, so they'll have to schedule it, then I can begin work. I still don't even know what my benefits are, or anything. So it's all good surprises from here on out. Wednesday is time for Friday's. Doesn't make sense, I know. Just headed out to eat with a bunch of friends, good times. And from there it's off to choir practice! We actually had a lot of people show up this time. Which is good. And the music is cool - we did one of the songs we're going to do for the wedding. Which is sounding better every time we do it. That, and Steve (the choir director) REALLY liked a song we did at TEC (he was there, too), so we practice that. A few times. And it's also sounding better, especially since we figured out a few chords we didn't have right previously. Considering the previous set of chords we had we pulled purely from a thirty-second chunk of the song, it wasn't too bad. But now it's all good.

And today! Today isn't over yet, so I don't know what it holds for me yet. But I think I'm going to play a bit. Get some food, and then go to kung fu for the first time in a week. Strange, to have a large blog entry with no kung fu. Oh well, there'll be more in the future, I'm sure. I've got my drug test to do next Monday, and after that I start work. Yay! So until then I get some free time. Which is good.

And THAT is my massive blog recovery operation. Which means now it's time for random links. Yes, two of them. To make up for lost time. I have one which is just cool. I'll leave it at that. And another one which is one of the cooler commercials I've ever seen.

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