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Yeah, a lot's happened
And I sadly haven't been updating. Isn't it sad? I'm sad that I don't update more often. Because it means I have to update a TON more at a time. I'll have to fix that.

So a bit has happened. I think Thursday's where I left off. Thursday was kung fu, with some decent sparring. I sparred with the tallest student (about a foot taller than me), and I made the mistake of trying to hit him in the face. As I have learned, when you have to punch almost straight up, if the opponent simply leans away it means you'll hit them in the eye. So yeah, I hit him in the eye, but he's learning still. I need to be careful. AGAIN.

And then it was crazy cooking time! Sandra and I made the bold choice of attempting to make... LASAGNA. Duhn-duhn-duhn! Yes, it was scary. The full tale is too epic to tell here, but I'll give you the Cliffs Notes version. We overcooked the sauce. When it said "bring to a boil", we neglected to realize that it didn't mean for you to LEAVE it there. So we had more meat than sauce in the meat sauce. But that's okay! So I added the sauce to the first layer of the meal, then added the second layer, then realized we still hadn't finished adding the ingredients to the sauce. Whoops. So I, with my plentiful chef mastery, disassembled the lasagna! Yes, and removed the sauce. And put in the rest of the ingredients. And then mixed it and made it. Oh, and my rectangular pan was too large for our recipe, so we had to make round lasagna. It was interesting. And in the end, it was edible. Which is all that REALLY matters. We won't even speak of the garlic bread.

So. Let's go back to Friday. Friday was my last day OFF. So I slept in crazy-like, then got up, prepared for the final practice for our wedding music. And we practiced! It was pretty good. Got to see what our setup would be like, went through the music, no big deal. It was okay, because next was...

Saturday! The wedding! Most of the day was gearing up for that. I got pretty nervous, but as it was I didn't need to worry TOO much. Apparently it turned out moderately well. In the words of the groom, the music "was perfect". I could be wrong, but I think that's a good thing. We got some complements, and it all went well. The choir did an awesome job. It was very rewarding, to feel like we helped out at such an important event. Good stuff.

And how do you follow up a holy ceremony such as matrimony? By watching Alien vs. Predator, of course! We took a good group to view the movie. It's a fun movie. A couple of very nice scenes showing the battle between the big guys from the movie title. The human characters lacked development, but who needs development when your character really isn't going to last long? I mean, why get attached when you're just going to be alien fodder? But I enjoyed it. Good stuff. A decent number of subtle nuances in the movie for those who are observant and have seen the previous movies for each of the main characters.

Then it was sleep in time again! And get up to go visit the family, and then go do another computer job. This time the computer was beyond repair. That's saying a LOT for me. Well, not beyond repair. But realistically, beyond reasonable repair, which means it's cheaper to just buy a new computer. Which I told the client. So I just fixed his CD-ROM drive (it was stuck halfway in, halfway out), even though it didn't function after physically fixing it. Not to mention that there were TWO drives being recognized by the OS, even though there was only one physically present. And neither of the drives worked in the OS. It was a rather old machine. So I may end up going back to install the hard drives into the new machine. So that's something.

Then church, where I could play without worrying so much. And it helped, I think. I hit a harmony higher than I have in a very long time, and fairly cleanly, too. I was happy about that. I also managed to mess up worse than I have in a while, but it was about time. Mistakes have to happen every now and then, and this was just my night for it. An instrumental section where I suddenly decided to take the progression at half-speed. Thankfully, the piano did NOT, so we kept on track, even if it sounded quite strange for a few moments. But it all was pretty good.

And today! My first day of work. Yay! I got to meet people, it was pretty slowish. But not too bad. I've got a cube (sigh - I was hoping for an office, but they didn't have any open) in the corner. A rather large one, so it's not so bad. I got a decent machine. I have to say, I'm impressed by the level of technology the City has kept up with (at least with IT in the Public Works department). I have a P4 with over half a gig of RAM, and a very decent UPS. I'll be learning some Crystal Reports tomorrow I think.

Which means I need to go to sleep, since I'm going to get into work at 7:30 in the morning. Bleah. I'll have some naptime I'll have to find sometime. That, and actually going to bed in the PM for the first time in a LONG time. Sadly, not tonight. So it's random link time! I think I may have come across the worst movie ever. Just check the reader opinions. I still haven't managed to find it, although I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to watch it if I did.

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