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Birthday blog!
Yay! It is my birthday, and I am older than EVER. Yes, it tends to work that way, somehow. I've heard somewhere before that somebody thought it'd be better if we lived backwards. So we started old and crusty, and then slowly got more fit and good-looking. That'd be kind of nice. With the way science is going, maybe that's not too far off.

So yes! Birthday! Which means a gathering. A shindig, if you will. At my place, which not everyone has seen yet. So I've been cleaning! It should be clean enough to satisfy most by tomorrow. Which is when the shindig is taking place. Somewhere around 8 or 9. Come, if you'd like! It's nothing formal, although I just might pull out one or two items I picked up today. Maybe. I AM a big nerd, after all, and those are both great for gatherings, but it may wait until later in the evening.

Yeah, I did that for myself for today, since I recently found out something very good. In case you didn't know, getting medical insurance outside of benefits is EXPENSIVE. Quite. And that was one of the bigger bills I had to handle. I really thought I was going to have to recover about four figures for mine, but I had put it off because I get insurance through benefits (starting tomorrow), so I didn't have to worry so much about keeping it current. Yay! So I was dreading trying to juggle the income through current bills and recovering that and a couple of other smaller ones (almost all caught up now). I thought I had a grace period until today, so I contacted them earlier this week about repayment options, maybe putting it off a bit more, since I didn't really need it anymore, but I wanted to be good and pay for everything. Turns out (I should open my mail instead of assuming it's the bill I think it is) I didn't have a grace period this time, so at the start of September, they cancelled my insurance. They retroactively cancelled it. Back to June. Which is okay because (as far as I remember) I only had a dentist cleaning appointment in that time. But it's ESPECIALLY okay because they wiped my balance clean. I owe NOTHING. Yaaay! No credit damage, either, so this was an especially good revelation. And it means I have a little more than I thought I would, so I went ahead and used a fraction of what I had set for that to get my two new items. And everything is cool.

Yes, I think there is balance in the world. I was having a pretty horrid couple of weeks not too long ago, if you remember. And it seems to be swaying the other direction. Even if tomorrow is awful, just the past few days have been pretty swell. So remember that, if you're having a really bad day/week/month/year, things will eventually balance out. Grin and bear it as best you can, and just start looking forward to the time when things WILL get better. I do have to mention, (possibly from blog reminding) a lot of people remembered my birthday, and I actually had four people wish me a good one within half an hour after midnight. It made me feel loved. Yay! Thank you, guys!

So I'm debating sparring tonight in kung fu. I'd prefer not to jam anything today, so I might just chill a bit, maybe leave early. Although previously for my birthday Sifu graced me with an extended set of three-on-one sparring, if I remember correctly. How could I pass that up, really? But my mom said I had to stop by at least for a little bit. I believe she wants to give me my yearly smacking. How can I pass that up, really?

I did watch Mean Girls. It wasn't too bad. It was based on a non-fiction book about cliques in high schools, and how girls treat each other. So it was eerily realistic. That, and I do admit a slight appreciation of Lindsay Lohan. It satisfies my odd craving for a chick flick for a little while.

Okay - I DO have some things to do at work, so I'll get back to them. Even though I'm quite efficient, so I tend to finish things with plenty of time left over. Normally. It's cool, you just have to balance it out. Random link time. Today is my birthday. And normally gifts go with birthdays (although I'm not expecting anything myself, seriously). And sometimes, for such events, you're not sure what to get. But there are some sites out there that have pretty cool trinkets for very good prices. Even if they're only available for 24 hours at a time (if they don't run out).

AIM wouldn't let me on today to IM you a happy birthday! ;) I hope today was fun! Email me: and tell me how to get to your apartment if you want me to show up to your shindig. Otherwise, I plan to eat your cake all alone. ;)~
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