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No more sniffles
No more! I think it was just a cold. But I managed to get through it. So now not so much any more. Ugh, it wasn't fun, though. I think kung fu helped me pull through all that. Kung fu is good for the sinuses.

Speaking of which, tonight was a crazy kung fu night. We had something like four people just starting tonight, and I think three or four people who've only been about a week or so. Then another four standard students (including J.R., who hasn't attended in a few months) plus me and one other instructor student. LOTS of people. I got to break in the new guys. It was fun. Then Sifu did some self-defense moves at the end of class. That was also fun. One of the new guys learned some self-defense moves in a prison system (on the LEGAL side of it), and one of the moves we did was similar to that. Although his had a major problem, and I pointed it out to him. It was kind of funny to see him quite surprised at an elbow an inch from his nose, before he even realized anything was going on. Our version of the self-defense move corrected the "hole" in the version he used previously. That, and I did some conditioning with a few guys. It's interesting to see how they react when they realize how hard arms can actually get. Especially when they're already pretty solid (muscular and thin), and lil' ol' me can lay some nice bruises on them. Thankfully they reacted in more of a manner of awe than anger. So there's potential for future fun, there.

The weekend was good stuff. First good weekend I think I've had in a while. Got some good sun on Saturday, after going out for some volleyball. Then watched a couple of movies (The Punisher and Man on Fire) - they were oddly similar, although I was rather surprised that Denzel made the Punisher look almost pansy in comparison. It's a rather heavy movie. That Denzel, though - he's so dreamy! At least, that's what I hear. I thought it was good, though. Heavy duty, just be forewarned if you decide to watch it.

Oh, and I did get some apartment cleaning done. In preparation for Friday! I think I'm going to do a minor bash at my place on Friday night, probably around 9ish. Yes, for my birthday. I'm getting old. Which means the gathering won't be TOO crazy. At least it won't be intended to be. And everyone's invited! If you're reading this, then yes, I mean you. Just call me if you have questions. Hopefully I'll have the apartment looking spic and span in time. Maybe just span. There's a chance a large variety of people will show, meaning time for networking. Yay! Meet new people, always fun. I've met EVERYONE, so I'll be good.

And Sunday was good times. Sandra was in town, so we got some breakfast. At Marie Callender's! Great breakfasts. Seriously. And then it was time to chill for a while, then do the church thing. Church was quite good. We had a LOT of people there, both in choir and in the congregation. So our harmonies turned out quite splendidly. It was cool.

And yes, I've been recording! I still don't have anything final, but I've recorded three ideas so far. I need to write words and think of a singing style for each. Maybe when I get something solid I'll post it here. Maybe. We'll see.

Oh! And it's time for a random link. Because I'm going to finish watching a splendid movie I rented. But hey! I have a fun link for you. You may be too old to remember this, but all the Sim games did get started somewhere. Make sure you have spare time before checking it out. It may suck some of your time away.

WOOO!!! Partay! Surprisingly, I'll be in town.

'mean girls' is seriously amazing. i hope you enjoy it b/c i know i did.
mean girls... just so... mean!
Since you haven't posted a birthday blog yet, let me say it on these comments then...and I guess be the first to say so.

Happy Birthday, Eric! Another year wiser.

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