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Overdue blog
Uh-oh, my blog is overdue. That's okay, though. I've been kinda busy. Actually had stuff at work to do that meant I didn't have time to blog at lunch. But today I can!

The weekend was three days long. Can you believe it? I ended up spending a bit of it with Sandra, but I had some good sleeping in moments, also. One of the big things was actually with Justin. I called him to ask him something, and found out he was in the hospital! It made me a bit nervous, but it turned out okay, he had his appendix removed. It means he won't be too active for at least a couple of weeks, but he's probably resting for good reason. That meant that I pretty much had three hours of kung fu to handle on Tuesday. Sifu was gone, as well, for a lot of the day, so it was me and Chris taking care of business. Starting with the kids' class. I hadn't taught the kids' class before then, so it was a new experience. A very new experience. They take a little more patience, time, and slightly less violence. But it was informative. And class was over before I realized it, since it's only about forty minutes long. And after that it was time for the BIG kids' class, but it was pretty laid back since there weren't too many people there. It meant each person got specific teaching time, and it was pretty cool. I took care of warmups for the first time in a long time, and I think I tired them out nicely. Yay!

Yesterday was more of a fun day. Fun because of three things. Guitar, gaming, and dihydrogen oxide chaos. Choir practice, naturally. Although since I showed up early, I got some good emotional outlet through playing, which I highly recommend for anyone, from time to time. And then it was time for the chaos - water balloon battle! It was with Newman, and it was pretty fun. It started organized, but eventually turned into a more hysteric conglomeration of frantic saturation procedures. Yeah, basically grabbing the last few balloons and chucking them at the first person you thought needed to be a little more wet. It was a lot of fun.

Ooh... but gaming gets its own paragraph. Why, you may ask? Some games deserve their own paragraph. Burnout 3 is absolutely incredible. I picked it up yesterday, and I haven't had a lot of time to play it yet, but what I have put in is awesome. It sucks time away quite easily, too. Imagine your favorite racing game. Then crank the level of detail up several notches, make it 60 frames per second, widescreen, and progressive scan. Add some Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. Then take the sense of speed you normally get in racing games and multiply it times FOUR. And then put the race in the middle of a fully populated set of city roads. With full crash damage detail. The ability to go into slow motion during wrecks to guide your flaming piece of wreckage into other racers. As well as modes where your goal is to take OUT the other racers (many times), as well as a full mode dedicated to causing as much damage starting with one single impact as possible. And then throw on a lot of extra stuff I definitely don't have time to describe here. Yeah, NOW you have an idea why this gets its own paragraph. Online competition? It's got it. Make your OWN soundtrack to play in game? Okay. And the adrenaline rush while you're actually playing is unparalleled. I highly recommend it; this game is rated LUSCIOUS.

So between that and the last bits of my World of Warcraft beta time, I've had my free time nicely filled. WoW is also excellent. And it's still only beta. It's better than any other MMORPG I've seen, in its BETA stage. I've made something like five character to try out, and I think I like the Taurens best. They look like bipedal bulls, and they're pretty freakin' tough. I made a Hunter character. So it's almost like having a hamburger coming to eat YOU. When (/if) I get to level 10, I get to have a pet! That might be worth it in itself. I may have to actually purchase this one when it comes out. We'll see.

Oh, one very bad thing did happen. I have many hard drives. Three were active in my computer. Two of which were linked in a RAID sort of fashion (mirrored, mind you). The other was 80 GB, and basically full. Of music, of digital photos I've taken, that type of thing. And it's going bad. Which is very bad. It means I have to buy another hard drive and then attempt to recover as much as possible before the whole thing dies. I'm just crossing my fingers for my digital photos, because that's the only place I have a lot of them stored. Teaches me for not backing up to something a little more secure. And YOU should learn from this, as well. Back up your stuff!

Ah, but WoW and Burnout (and Fable, soon enough) will distract me until I can afford to try the recovery. If you have any other ideas on the best way to go about it, let me know. But I think I've got everything planned as best as possible. Which hopefully will be good enough. To distract YOU I have a random link. This time some news about an unexpected turn of events, which might make a few of you out there (i.e., ALL of you) smile.

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