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Mmm, a quickie. I'm leaving for the weekend pretty shortly here, but thought I'd post another blog to make up for not posting as much as usual. Although I don't have TOO much to say.

Today's actually been not too shabby. I got some stuff at work done, which is quite good. I found out about Ghost in the Shell 2 being released in theaters (sadly, not in town). I think it will be good. A mix of sci-fi and philosophy. For some reason that really appeals to me. I went and got a haircut at lunch, had a good talk with my barber (she's cool). I'm much sexier now. My barber actually liked my sideburns, so I'm leaving them (albeit trimmed a bit). And she made a comment that I resemble a Beatle (John). Not the first time I've gotten that comment lately. Although I used to get that comment ALL THE TIME. Seriously. Compared to every one of the Beatles. John and George, I can see. Paul and Ringo, not so much. Somehow wearing a guitar helps, too. Not sure why. Anyway, I guess I was sexy enough to be asked out within an hour. Woo! Sort of. My barber and I are going to get coffee, even though I don't drink coffee. Should be interesting. Not sure what her intentions really are, but somehow I don't think I'm that sexy, so it'll probably just be some chillin' and chattin'.

I really do think the main reason she asked me out was because I made some comment about needing distractions. I need to push FORWARD. Get out of my bad week, and get some good stuff. So I think I'm going to start recording again. Yes! Yay! That's a good thing for you, Trusted Reader. Hopefully. We'll see what happens with that. I already have some song titles in mind. They'll probably be a little crazy, I can't be writing anything SERIOUS now. So hopefully it'll be good stuff.

Okay. And it IS time to go. Since my boss has left. So - have a lovely weekend! Here's a nice random link for you to enjoy. I think this is one I might actually get into, I think it'd be fun.

Yay for more recording! Of course you know I wanna hear this stuff, so get to it. =)

- Christina
many smiles.. but wait... since when did you sacrifice and put up with coffee? dang.. i mustve missed that boat
I HAVEN'T sacrificed and put up with coffee, don't worry, I haven't really changed. Going out "for coffee" is just an easy to use expression. Just like I enjoy my smoke breaks at work.
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