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Slowly getting better
Yeah, this week hasn't been one of my better weeks. It IS getting better, though. And I have to say that all my friends giving me good vibes helped a LOT. Thank you, guys! I'll give a shortened list of some of the sucky stuff, but I'm not diving into it. Basically, the car broke down ($800 I don't really have), my biggest hard drive broke down (digital photos, all my digital music), an animal died somewhere in my apartment (never found it), ran out of money (an automatic payment unexpectedly early) -> ran out of gas + ran out of food, had a big clash with an old friend, broke a guitar string. Oh yeah, and broke up with the girlfriend. It's all slowly getting better. Slowly. Any one of those I could have handled. When it's all stacked on top of each other, it somehow makes things a lot worse. But I did have help from friends and family. Thanks again!

The animal smell has gone away, either it was cleaned out or faded, so that's good. I got my paycheck, so things are looking a little easier to handle. I DID get Fable, which is too sweet. If my XBox wasn't retarded and didn't freeze up randomly, it'd be better, but it's still quite awesome. Excellent music, story, feel. I recommend it. And Burnout 3 is still good. Although it doesn't relieve tension as much as I'd like. Kind of adds more, when I'm already worried about other stuff. But after things have gotten better, it gets better, too. Just like ice cream!

And a brief word on the girlfriend. A few of you made some comments. I'll just say we're still on very good terms with each other, and the breakup was a necessary choice, for a variety of reasons. I'll also say it's very hard to separate with someone when you both still care a lot for each other. I hope not too many of you have to experience that, if any at all.

I did have a good night at kung fu tonight, it cleansed my system a bit. Two new guys who are pretty gung-ho about starting. I showed them why kung fu is cool, and watching the slow smiles cross their faces as the realization sunk in was priceless. I think they might stick around for a while. Justin's getting better. We're doing a demo on Saturday, some sort of health club over on Mingo. We've got ten minutes, and another group (Karate) will have ten minutes. We were supposed to practice WITH them, but they never showed. Sifu said he didn't care what they did, we're still going to do a good job. I think we will, too - it's a pretty good lineup of stuff. I'm doing three forms and two self-defense maneuvers. Two of the forms will be sparring sets, one with Justin, one with the most advanced student in the kids' class. The guy is really good, but very short, which means my stances have to be SUPER low, which worked me out quite a bit. It should be at the very least interesting.

Work has been pretty good, I'm doing a big Symantec update tomorrow and got props on letting everyone know ahead of time. So that's good. Just haven't been sleeping well enough to make me rested as much as I'd like to be. We had a cool community building session today, which was different, but kind of cool. Except for the lunch. Which was all very vegetarian. Lots of casserole looking things, random vegetables, and crackers. I'll be having my pizza here shortly, hopefully that will cleanse my system of all those nasty non-previously-warm-blooded organisms. Mmm, pizza and Pepsi. Makes me feel better.

Okay, so hopefully things will be getting back to some sort of normalcy sometime reasonably soon. In an effort to appease the state of being normal, I'm leaving you with two random links. VERY random links. One is just viewable. The other is a little more interactive. Sort of.

I come to check on you, and look what I find! I'm sorry that it's been such a hard week. I just went through it myself last month. :( If you want to talk, you know where to find me. Let me know if I can help. I'm glad you are slowly feeling better. Hugs and good thoughts- Lerin
Sorry I missed your call- we should talk soon. We can compare notes.
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