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Three-day WEEKEND
I like three-day weekends. I don't know why. Maybe that's just one of those things that will always be a mystery. Ah, but it should provide time to recover my sleep, hopefully. Which I still haven't recovered completely. Ugh. It's still been kind of a slow week, but I'm starting to think that's how EVERY week is, with occasional exceptions.

Yeah, Wednesday was choir practice, which actually turned out pretty nicely. We have yet another guitarist, which makes four. He's a freshman and plays primarily electric, although he's borrowing an acoustic for the time being. One of the other guitarists thinks four is TOO MUCH (pssh, what's he thinking), so he's standing down. I'm hoping to convince him four is JUST ENOUGH, if not far too few. So practice, followed by a jam session by all the guitars. And a piano, with one of the new guys, who's quite good at the piano (and other instruments, if I understand correctly). It was pretty sweet. The pianist actually started playing The World I Know by Collective Soul, and it took a second to recognize, because he had it quite layered. Since I've known that song for many years, and one of the other guitarists knows it, too, it broke into a spontaneous cover, which sounded quite good. A lot of fun. Not to mention a little Stevie Ray (Pride and Joy) and Jimi (Voodoo Child), all on acoustic. Maybe we'll have to throw a couple of those in during church sometime.

And I went to visit my friend Fred with Carlos, to finish our lengthy imported Japanese samauri flick. Yeah, all TWENTY MINUTES of it. It was pretty sad, we thought there'd be another hour and a half or so. But it was okay, we ended up utilizing the time nicely.

So yesterday the WoW Stress test began. And I didn't have the file installed. GRR! I was mad. See, the file is kind of large. As in 2 GB large. So I had to download it, first. And FilePlanet was misbehaving, not giving me the link. So I had to search near and far to finally locate it on Blizzard's site. Took a little while to download, and then I started installation this morning. I'm kind of excited to try it out.

Also, best kung fu class in a while. I was just motivated, for some reason. Worked conditioning, went through Gung Gee for the first time in a while, helped the students, and then ended up sparring with one of the younger students. Normally I go light on him. Not this time. I made him work. I didn't hit him, just pause my fist about an inch from his face each time, so he'd know it was there. And my groin kicks stopped as soon as they touched the fabric of his pants. But nothing he threw got through this time. It was fun, I got to practice fighting with each of my hands (individually), and then with no arms, just legs. Makes for a bit of required innovation.

After that, class was over, and Justin and I sparred. And for the first time in a long time, we sparred HARD. I actually hit him more than I have in a very, very long time. Couple of solid face and chest shots. He got his slaps in, of course. And a couple of good thrusting heel kicks. Although I was pretty satisfied by his sweep on me. He planted his hands on my chest, swept his leg from behind my legs towards the front of me, and I saw it just in time. I lowered into a high horse stance, and I was solid. He ended up moving himself, which was cool to see. He almost swept himself, and I was surprised. I ended up with a few nice battle scars, too. A cut on my elbow from blocking a kick of his, a nice scrape on the inside of the other elbow, and a solid scrape on the lower left part of my chest. It was a very good class, though.

Ooh, Burnout 3 is coming. And it's going to be very, very good. The first of many. One week, baby! I always loved racing games. My personal favorites have been some of the earlier Need For Speed games (High Stakes, STILL a good game), as well as the Gran Turismo series. The Burnout series brings something new to the table. Racing through full traffic, and if you're unsuccessful (ahem, you collide with something), the physics engine makes it all okay. Because it's beautiful. That, and there's something built into testosterone that is attracted to massive explosions and big wrecks. Chaos. At any rate, it's luscious.

Ah, and now it's time for the three day weekend. I'm hoping it's a good one. Sleep, some unpacking, a lot of WoW, and maybe some other fun excursions. Hope you guys have a good one, too! Random link time. I'll leave you with the quick solution for IM for people who don't want to install software, and who might need to get around certain blocked IPs. And since we're on a three-day weekend, a BONUS random link. You're welcome.

Dangit, you two have your best fight in a long time, and I missed it by a week. BAH!
Why is it a big mystery why you like three-day weekends? Let's see: Staying up late, sleeping in, not work, and a four-day work week when you come back! What's NOT to like?
:-) :-P
Please don't forget about tick sandwiches--try one, they're tasty.
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