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Ugh I have sniffles
Yeah, I think I may be sick. Or else a sudden case of allergies. Normally I get my allergic reactions in the spring, but this time it looks like I'm having the symptoms for fall. That, and the fact that the temperature at work is right at 70 doesn't help that. So it's a bunch of blowing my nose and feeling like my head is trying to expand.

Things are getting better, bit by bit. Although one of my distractions is making me mad - my retarded XBox is getting worse. I have Burnout 3 and Fable, both of which are excellent games. But I can't really play Fable, because my XBox will lock up about half an hour into anything. Mainly it's a bad disc drive, I think. But it'll try loading something and then pop up a big screen (the equivalent of a BSOD, I think) that tries to convince me my disc is dirty or damaged. No, damn XBox, it's YOU! So since you have to get so far in Fable before it will save, many times I have tried advancing only to have it lock up before I can save. It makes me quite angry. Although, thankfully, Burnout, being the ultimate piece of software (it seriously could contend for game of the year, meaning Halo 2's going to have to meet the hype to compete), only locks up every now and then. I've learned I really shouldn't pause, though. Because my XBox gets confused and forgets what's happening. It flips out and then decides to pull the "Oh it's YOUR fault the disc must be dirty" manuever. Stupid XBox.

I've still got kung fu, though, to ease my mind. Although the students were being pretty bad on Tuesday with the first form. So, since Sifu wasn't there, Justin and I put them through the wringer. Meaning they did the first form many times, and finally step by step (through all 85 moves or so) to make specific corrections. It was therapeutic, though. I'm debating on going tonight or not, since I feel kinda pooty.

Oh yeah - a week from today I shall officially be one more year in age. I think it's getting to the point where I don't look forward to these days so much. Ugh. Oh well, hopefully it will be fun. Maybe I'll try to have a clean apartment by then. A lofty goal, considering I still haven't completely unpacked stuff. Although I've started up again, putting boxes in my new garage. Woo!

And usually around this time of year I go ahead and splurge, get myself something fun. Like, say, a gaming system, or a guitar. This year I really can't do it, since I'm still behind on a few of my bills (although caught up on the majority of them). But I will say I was VERY close to going ahead and putting something else on layaway. A guitar. A very NICE guitar. This is on my list of guitars I want to have on my wall eventually. The reason I didn't expect to get it soon is because this thing normally costs around $2500. It was about half that price where I found it, and in mint condition. I guess it wasn't meant to be, though, because after I left after looking at it, somebody walked in and bought it. Looks like I'll have to wait until I can actually afford it. Silly money.

Okay, time to get back to work. Stuff to do today. Always good. So random link time! I do have a Master's degree in computer science. But, as it turns out, a lot of people out there don't. Sometimes they just have to remind you.

Mmmmmm shiny guitar. *dr00L*

Yeah I promise I'm going to come over sometime soon, dirty apartment or not!

Doin anything for your birthday? IM me, lemme know. =)

- Christina
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