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Bleah, being sick is sucky
Yeah, I'm sick. Sinus infection, again. I seem to get them on a regular basis, on the season change. Maybe influenced by allergies. Who knows. Sore throat, colorful snot, all that good stuff. So I'm home from work! It's okay, though, I have some Grand Theft Auto to keep me company. It's very good, although not for kids in a superlative way. Everything you'd imagine in a movie straight from the 'hood is here. Lots of cussing, drive-bys, that type of thing. At least at the beginning. It's done extraordinarily well, though, and they've probably got another major seller on their hands.

So it's that, some orange juice (with pulp, uck), and some leftover Bill & Ruth's. I think I'll be okay. That, and memories of recent kung fu. I went ahead and went last night, because doing exercise (especially kung fu) always makes me feel a little better. So last night was a standard class, for the most part. I helped a few people get through some points in their forms, made a couple of corrections, it was productive. Plus about fifteen minutes of conditioning with J.R., who loves his conditioning. I think he'll have a couple of really nice bruises, although my arms are pretty much normal today. I'll have to get back to conditioning with Justin, which is the best way for ANYone to get excellent bruises. So we had sparring afterwards, which turned out to be pretty fun. Although I pushed into one of the guys I fought a little harder than I should have. A ridge hand to the side of the head, and I think my thumb knuckle popped him in the temple, just inside his head gear. That has a tendency to happen when people turn towards the attack. So after that I aimed more for the back of his head, and it kept things a little more comfortable. For both of us. Then it was time to spar after class, with J.R., who seems to be masochistic. He got some decent shots on me, and I landed a few very nice hits on him, some of which he would smile at. There seem to be two types of people in sparring - there are the ones who get rather upset when they get hit in the face, and then there are the other ones, who simply smile. I'm on of the latter, as is J.R. It makes sparring fun! I do wonder what it makes the other person think sometimes, when they pop me in the face and my reaction is to smile.

I don't know if all that sparring was better or worse for my health, but I did feel a little better afterwards. But waking up this morning was a different matter. Yeah, I woke up with a torn up throat and a clogged nose and so forth. So I called in sick, and my boss didn't seem to think me calling in sick was a bad idea. Hopefully I'll be better in a day or two at the most.

And I think it's gone to my head, too - my blogspeak seems to be a little... different than usual. Normally I'm jovial and entertaining (at least to ME), but today I'm just kinda... duh. Yeah. Maybe more sleep. I think I shall. But I'll leave a random link. This is one that I found on someone else's blog, but it's definitely a qualifier for random link. It just seems like some people express their faith a little differently than others.

What little respect (read: none) that I had for Kirk Cameron has been all washed away.

And you should be staying home and eating chicken soup! Oh yeah and see a doctor if it doesn't get better in 5 days.

Huh, I had no idea Kirk C. was so "involved". I remember hearing on some VH1 special that he would refuse scripts on moral basis. Hope you feel better soon!

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