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Busy weekend
Yes, I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I have lots of kung fu! Go figure. Yeah, two hours tonight, and many hours tomorrow. See, there's this tournament at some sort of Champion's building on South Memorial. It's an open tournament, so all styles will be there. We'll be making a showing (hopefully a strong one) to compete. I'll be doing forms and sparring (silly point sparring, not any of the good continuous stuff), so we'll see how that turns out. I get nervous every time when I go to tournaments. Even though a lot of other people are really nervous because it's their first, or second, and I've been to a bazillion by now. Part of it is that I compete in black belt levels, so there's the whole competitive nature thing in me, wanting to be GOOD at what I do, possibly even the best. I think I have some time before I'll be the best, but I'm slowly making my way closer.

So yeah, kung fu lots this weekend. And I had some good kung fu last night! We started with a small class, but then two students showed up later, which made it a little more interesting. Standard class, for the most part, and sparring at the end. I got a lot of good sparring with Justin, with Sifu watching us and giving pointers on techniques and things I SHOULDN'T do. It was very educational. And I think I am definitely starting to give Justin a run for his money. He'll actually have to get better! Woah!

Work's been productive this week. And it's Friday, so a lot of people have already left. I'm considering it myself, since I've finished all my stuff for today. As my co-worker would say, I've really outdone myself. Yeah, I've done some updating of software on a few hundred machines, keeping a manual log of everything. So I'd say that's productive.

Oh I stayed up too late, too. Ever end up in one of those conversations, where you keep talking and forget that you NEED sleep? Yeah. I need sleep. Maybe naptime later. Or something. I need food, too! But I got food. Lots of it! I went to Albertson's and got some cereal and milk and Bomb Pops (ooh, Bomb Pops) and O.J. Dang O.J. I got was moderate pulp. I don't like pulp. I made a booboo when I grabbed it, and I'll be reminded every time I gulp down that pulpy juice. Bleah. It tastes good, but feels weird. Kinda like alcohol - maybe someday I'll know if that's right or not.

Yeah, so I have to get some rest tonight, hopefully, to be prepared for my tournament participation tomorrow. Should be fun! And I'm going to do training tonight. Yay! I got some extra bruises earlier this week, from exerting my frustrations in a conditioning exercise. Since I wasn't around the academy, I used the closest thing I could find - a tree. Yes, yours truly was smashing my arms against a tree, chipping a little bit of bark, and putting some nice marks on my arms. Turned out to be really therapeutic, actually. Although I wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

Anyway, I think I'll finish up here and get going with the weekend. Have a fun one, yourself! And I'll leave you with a random link. You've probably heard of this, but it goes to show that survival of the fittest is still applicable in some cases in today's world. Or at least survival of the not extremely stupid.

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