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Eating is important
Eating IS important. Sadly, I don't have the spare fundage to get something lovely for lunch. Which means, most likely, searching the vending machines for something edible. But I will eat something. Maybe save a little bit to get some Bill and Ruth's later. Bill and Ruth's is very good stuff!

Yeah, I haven't posted pictures yet. Apologies, and so forth. I find myself blogging during lunch at work, so I don't really have access to these so-called pictures here. I'll have to do it some other time, although I still will put up a couple. The good ones, at least. Well, they're ALL good, but maybe the more entertaining ones.

I haven't been able to restring my guitar yet, so practice last night was done with only ten strings, yet again. It's frustrating, let me tell you. At least it's not a six string - four strings out of six isn't quite the same. It's almost like playing a banjo. Sort of. Oh! Speaking of, the best strings out there apparently make string for things like the banjo and mandolin. Isn't that funny? I'll have to find time to restring the twelve, though. And yeah, it takes time. Hopefully they'll last a little longer this time. I guess I shouldn't be TOO crazy when I play.

Kung fu this week has been pretty good. Some of the new students make it worthwhile. When you see someone get really excited when they learn a new technique, it makes it quite rewarding. There's one student in particular that asks a TON of questions, which I think is very cool. And he'll watch someone perform a full form, and then comment, "That's beautiful," with a look of wonder in his eyes. I think he'll do well. Maybe it helps that he's got the same name as my sihing. But he's built like me. He goes crazy on the conditioning and pushing through stances and techniques. He'll probably be one to watch out for when he gets to sparring.

Well, I should actually go find some of this food I've been speaking of. And maybe attempt to eat it. Maybe some more mac 'n' cheese tonight. I like mac 'n' cheese. But for you, now I have a random link! Yes, this is very random. I like it for a variety of reasons, but I'll just say the "tool" involved in the latter half is one that I approve of. Check it out for yourself.

Update: GRRR the machine ate my money. Oh, IT got to eat, but apparently I don't. That makes me unhappy, since I don't have sufficient cash to get any other food item. Bleah. Maybe the karma will swing the other way later today.

*bill and ruth's IS very good.

*vending machines like to eat money, haven't you heard?

*"i have mad kung fu skills" ::jumps over controller cord:: hehe.
Woa- yea-- that was random. hmmm.
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