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I'm sleepy and must blog
Yeah, I'm sleepy. I think I tend to get sleepy when I stress about stuff. I stress too much. Because I'm sleepy a lot. At the moment, a few things of stress on my plate. Worrying about silly things. Like one, miscalculating my payments so I actually have less than $10 left for the week. My dinner last night was reheated fries from lunch (which was donated). Kind of sad. It's okay. Free lunch today, and I probably have some ramen available for dinner. Yay!

The weekend was an interesting journey. You ever have one of those days you think is going to turn out one way, and then turns out completely differently? Yeah, Friday was one of those days. Just a slow night, really, including kung fu, where I was the instructor of the evening and NOBODY showed up. At least I got some practice in.

Saturday was a little better, though. The Bish Bash! Time with the Bishop and some Catholic crazy youth people. Found out about an engagement (which happened that day) and a major breakup (which happened the day before). And the Bishop gave some nice words of wisdom, as well as free dinner, which was scrumptious. And party time afterwards, which was laid back, but kind of cool. Although I forgot a stick of butter there. That sounds like some sort of analogy, doesn't it? It isn't. I really forgot a stick of butter at the party. Made my mac 'n' cheese go on delay for a day. But I got some more butter on Sunday. And all was good.

Yeah, Sunday. The mac 'n' cheese was good. But church - well, it was probably the worst choir experience yet. Started with another string breaking during practice before we started. My heavy D string. So adjustment of the guitar, but it still didn't sound quite right. Then we start, and for the first song, I somehow skip verse 2 completely. So I finish and think we're done. Lo and behold, I stop, and everyone else is still going. When the guitar cuts out suddenly it is VERY noticeable. Yeah, worst booboo I've made in probably four years. The rest of it wasn't too bad, although I still kind of wish my guitar had had at least one more string. It'll be a ten-string for a little bit longer. Maybe restring it tonight.

And yesterday. Eh, Mondays. I don't like Mondays that much. It could have gone better, and I wish it had. But that's how things go. Since it's no longer Monday, I'm going to move onward. Onward and upward! And twirling, ever twirling!

I've actually been kind of productive today. Got some stuff done, got free lunch at Newman (and met a few new people), been good. So I'm back to the grind. Why is it called a grind? Do most people feel like they're peeling parts of themselves away as they work? Or are sparks flying? What's up? At any rate, time for random linking. I don't have anything huge. Just something rather random, as it should be. Maybe those of you who used to watch cartoons might appreciate it.

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