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Omigoodness I have to blog
Well, I WAS blogging. And then AIM Express sort of bombed on me, killing IE completely. If I didn't have to use IE, I wouldn't. Sadly, I have to. Anyway, I had put two very nice paragraphs about things. And how I like blogging. And about party pictures, and how I will post some when I get a chance (from home). Let me know if you were there and don't want your picture up, for some silly reason.

From there, my second paragraph was all about how I have been busy lately. Like yesterday! I was gone ALL day long. From work in the morning until eleven at night. Busy can be good, though. I can hang out with all sorts of people. And that's when living alone is very nice. I finish my day and then head back home, and can relax in peace. Without worrying about potential conflicts from roommates, or that type of thing. Anyone who's ever had a roommate knows what I'm talking about. Although the bad thing about being really busy lately is that I haven't had time to work on my music! Which I really want to do. Maybe over the weekend a bit. Who knows. Since I don't have any homework (yay!) I might be able to.

So I've noticed lately a lot of people I know in relationships have been going through some rough times. A least two VERY major relationships I know of have ceased. I myself went through a breakup. I have a theory I came up with a few years back - I really think there's some sort of seasonal relationship-affecting vibe. It seems like there's a moment right around the start of fall where a lot of relationships take hits. I guess the way people respond to those hits determines how well things will work out. I think when spring arrives, the opposite thing happens. That time when a young man's fancy turns to love! Sadly, if you said that nowadays, you'd probably get a response of "What's a young man's fancy? That sounds dirty." Even more sadly, I could see myself saying that. I think it's spring where things are good, but it's winter when things stop being so bad. Probably people being used to the weather change, and then realizing when it's cold it's nice to have someone around. A good reason I think explains the massive number of birthdays in September.

Ah, but now I need to get back to work. Things to do! Oh, one other thing - I went to pick up some food for lunch, and whilst I was at it, I picked up the new version of the Shawshank Redemption. An excellent movie. One you most likely would enjoy very much IF you're a normal person. It was my roommate's favorite movie.

So now, it's time for a random link! Something in the theme of music. Sort of. Just make sure you click on the links, if it seems to have paused for you. Once you do - ooh, well, enjoy.

post my picture! i know i had my 'dumb' face on that night so i'm not scared of how the photos turned out. i hope they inspire people to laugh. =)
I think you're right about the relationship thing. However, I've heard that in the spring, everything is newly growing and turning green, and people are more upbeat, positive, and hopeful. And more likely to express their feelings/desires, which turn into relationships. Then comes summer, with all of the "summer flings" that are "sooo much fun". :) Then we head into fall, which causes summer flings to end, but also because it's turning colder, and everything is dying again, so do relationships. That's what I've heard anyway. Just my $0.02.

please don't post any pictures of know who i am (:
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