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Stayin busy
Woo and I have lots to talk about. The weekend's not quite over, but I had a moment, so I thought I'd blog! See, it all started on Thursday. Thursday was time for kung fu, which is good stuff. So class progressed as it usually does, I got to work with one of the other newer students, helping him figure out the mechanics of how our stances work, and why they work. And then it was time to spar. Sifu was in a mood to have lots of sparring, I guess, because he brought up two of the newer guys to spar. They don't have gear yet, so Sifu gave them some basic pads to put on, kind of like giant gloves. They're big and blue and have a big foam tip about four inches thick. They cover your whole forearm. I think they both had a lot of fun, and did fairly well for their first time. So it was practice for everyone, then point matches. It began with me and Justin. We had lots of people watching, so hopefully we made it look good. I think we did. It was pretty tight. He hasn't sparred a lot since his surgery, so he's still a little out of it. Ha ha! Too bad! I took advantage, and soon the match was tied, 2 to 2, out of 3 points. So we collide, some attacks thrown and blocked on either side, and then he pulls me close and throws a knee into my chest. It would have been great, but knees aren't allowed in tournament style sparring, so Sifu disqualifies him. And I win! My first real victory against sihing, even if it wasn't a clean victory. But it's a start.

And then after that it was movie night at my pad for a few friends. I hadn't had a chance to break in my copy of the Shawshank Redemption yet, so we viewed it. Two people who had seen it came, and one who hadn't. The two who had both confirmed what I thought they might - they said it was one of (if not the top) their favorite movies EVER. And Courtney, who hadn't seen it, said she understood why we thought she should see it after viewing it. It's a slow movie, and quite serious, but ooh is it good. After that it was time for some Burnout 3, which is always good stuff. Speed and metal! And lack of sleep! Yeah, I was up a little too late.

But Friday is Friday, so it wasn't TOO crazy at work, even though it was quite busy. Got some stuff done, went to a webinar for some anti-spyware stuff, all good. And then went to get some more kung fu in, where I got to talk to both Justins about fun things involving kung fu. Indeed, excellent stuff. After that, time with a friend just hanging, playing some Donkey Konga and watching a BAD movie. It was still fun. Oh, and seeing my sister's new car, which she is quite excited about. A Honda, of course, and actually quite nice. She had to step in on some Donkey Konga, attempting to take down the owner of the game (me) with her supposed marching band rhythm skills. Ha! Maybe next time, Marni.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day, got a few things done (finally restrung the guitar), and ended it excellently. See, this guy named Monte Montgomery came to town. To Cain's, to be specific. Yes, it was smokey with weird smells, but once he took stage, it didn't matter. I tried to get many people to go, but sadly, since they hadn't seen him, they had no idea what they were going to miss. And miss it they did! He's incredible. He gives the best live show I've ever seen (this was my second time), and he's the best guitarist I've personally viewed. I'd rank him up there with any of the greats, seriously. Managed to get a standing position close to the stage, about TEN FEET away from him. My friend Josh was there, had his friend's camera (dangit why'd I forget mine) and got some excellent pictures. When I get some, I'll have to post them. There was a slight ruckus at the intermission with Josh and another guy about positions close to stage, but security came and took care of stuff, and thankfully Josh came back. Afterwards we hang around to say hello to him. I got one of his albums I don't have yet (The Story of Love), got him to sign the disc, sign my ticket, AND got a picture of me and him. Woo! Turned out to be a great night.

So today was more kung fu (go figure), for the instructor students. Had a productive meeting, followed by some good training. I helped one of the senior students with his form, he helped me with mine. People helping people - can't we all do that? It makes things easier. I think I have half of my new sparring set learned, though. Should be cool.

Ah, and for some extra fun, being as I am home at the moment, I'll give you some pictures from the birthday party! Forgive me for any you find that you don't like (most likely if YOU are in it). Here you go!

Ah, Adam and Lerin. Looking lovely.

My man Carlos. Imbibing from the drink of champions.

Christina, looking suave.

My friend Courtney and her brother! Staying cool.

Jordan, probably wondering why I'm taking his picture.

A big man at Newman, Steve! Well, a TALL man.

My friend Seanicus! And his fiancee, Liz. Both looking a little lost. But somehow still looking good.

The cake that Adam and Lerin were super kind enough to give to me. And it was red velvet, too.

Oh, there was Karaoke. Fred (in the back, there) DID sing, and somehow I missed that photo op.

People got into it, lots of fun.

Yes, even I got a bit into it. You can see me with my glasses and facial hair experiment here.

So yes, those are the pictures. It was a fun time. I did miss out on taking pics of the DDR and Donkey Konga action. Same on me for missing excellent photo opportunities! But there you go. As for the beard action... what do you guys think? It's been an experiment, but I'm wondering if I should keep it or not. Let me know what you think of it. Yay or nay?

Okay, that's a super long blog. And I now need to get ready, eat some food, clean up from my kung fu madness, and get holy. With fresh strings! Woo! So I'll leave you with a random link. A bit of an artistic random link. This impressed me quite a bit, it probably took a lot of work.

HOLY CRAP! You mean Sean and Liz showed up after I left?? Man, totally bad timing on my part!

And hey, that pic of me didn't turn out too bad... if it wasn't for the redeye, I'd be pretty happy with it.

- Christina
You are SO in trouble for that horrible picture of us! That's why I didn't want you to take one--I knew I looked like that (Sean doesn't look so bad)!
GRRRR! :-)
the beard, definitely.
hoooooooooooly crap that was a bad movie. i think it should become a tradition, to see super bad movies with me then we make fun of them...or not. i'm so glad i got that for free.
Well, it might be warmer for winter. And the beard could make an appearance every ONCE in a while...but as for a permanent thing, no way.
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