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A wee bit of time to kill
Well, maybe not kill, that's such a harsh word. But relinquish of all useful power. And spend it on blogging! So did you like my pictures? I had a few, yes. If you don't believe me, just scroll down. Foolish skeptics. It was fun times. Have to throw some more of those. By "those", I mean parties. Although I could see you thinking pies.

Pies? Why pies? I actually viewed many pies thrown not too long ago. About an hour ago, actually. Pies thrown at people's FACES. And several of them landing. Yes, it was an important meeting. Actually, it was for fund-raising, and some of my co-workers were voluntary victims. There was quite a bit of whipped cream flying. Maybe I'll see about finding some of THOSE pictures. Good stuff.

Not much else going on, except for some church and kung fu. What? Church and kung fu? If only I could find a way to combine the two... but that'll have to wait until another time. Yeah, church was good. I was in a good mood! Me, walking in with my fresh twelve strings. I actually had a few people smile at me as I walked in, and even one lovely lady give me a thumbs up. Now whether that was because she liked what I did in the choir or it was because I had my shirt tucked into my underwear, I'll never know. Hopefully the former. And the music turned out pretty good. I do love fresh strings.

So yeah, there was that, and then kung fu last night. Eventful! Lots of people, I got to lead a group of five guys through some techniques for most of class. Showing them how to properly block and get out of grabs, with appropriate counter-techniques. Plus a little bit of conditioning training. And it ended with more self-defense, some chin-na! I really like chin-na. Joint locking, that type of thing. New technique, and I figured out how to make it more effective, plus I figured out how to get out of it. Mmm, learning every day.

After that I had some fun with the guitar at home, and it was quite productive, which only a couple of you may know. But maybe I'll share it with the rest of you later, when I'm home. For now, it's time to wrap things up at work and get going! So here's a random link. This one's kind of cool. But it requires you to allow pop-ups for this site for it to work. But that's only if you use a COOL browser like Mozilla Firefox. In that case, just click on the blocked pop-up icon, and allow this site to view the curiosities.

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