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Haven't blogged in a few days. It's been an interesting few days, I guess. The weekend! It was the end of the month, and All Hallow's Eve, and all that. What'd you do for Halloween? Well, I went to the Freaker's Ball, on Saturday. For a while. And it was interesting. I thought about a variety of things, but lacking makeup and piercings, I couldn't do anything too crazy to fit in, so I just got decked out in my military garb (purchased from the surplus for paintball), including combat boots. And it seemed like a lot of people there went all out. There was probably more flesh visible than necessary, but that's expected. There were several bands, although I didn't get to see too many of them. I did see one very bad band with the vocalist being one of the guys in charge of the ball (his only qualification to sing) who liked to swing the mic around by the cable. Three guitarists, all playing Gibsons. It wasn't TOO bad, but it was not good. And the last band I remember quite well. They're called the Red Stripes, they do covers of White Stripes stuff, moderately well. The reason they're so memorable is because the vocalist/guitarist is 14, the drummer (his sister) is 9. I somehow got to stand in the front, next to what I believe was their mother. She kept jumping up and down (not in rhythm) and cheering madly. It was a lot of fun, though. They were actually really good, and a few of their songs I really thought were cool.

So yeah, all that, and then a costume contest at the end. The winners ended up being (from third to first) a very tall Howard Stern imitation, two women dressed as a nurse and something else in black (who gathered applause by applying generous helpings of spankings and saliva exchange), and first place, who I thought was cool - dressed as a One Night Stand. He had a big cardboard box on, with arm holes and a head hole, and a lamp on one corner, with a pack of cigarettes sitting on another corner. It was pretty funny. He got $500 for it.

Eh, I smelled like smoke afterwards, but it was still fun. And Sunday was actually Halloween! But I didn't do anything too scary. I actually took a nap, which is sort of scary. And there was church, where me being sick made my voice sort of a gamble to sing, but we had a couple of very good songs. It was fun. And then I hung out with Sandra a bit, since she was in town for the weekend, and we chilled and made a fire. I like fireplaces.

Yeah, I smelled like smoke afterwards, but this time it was a GOOD smell. So Monday I took off, partly for finishing recovery of being sick, partly to take care of some bills and cleaning around the apartment, but it turned out to be okay. I'm almost back to normal now, just don't have all my voice back. I did also do some recording, and I might share it with you, but the vocals on it I think might actually be better without me being sick, so I might wait to re-record that part. It's a cover song, not my own, but it was spontaneous and fun.

And naturally, some kung fu, as well. Teaching another Mexican who speaks more Spanish than English, so my Spanish is getting more practice than it has in a long time. And yesterday it was me, Justin, and ONE other guy. I guess the whole election thing got everyone too distracted to get physically active in productive ways. So I actually got to learn more than I have in a long time! I've almost finished another form, another sparring set. Hopefully I'll be able to test soon. Sparring was a little with the new guy, who hasn't really sparred yet. He learned a bit, but he seems quite excited to get to do it more. Then it was me and Justin, no pads. That was a lot of fun. I think I gave him a good workout, and he didn't actually lay into me too badly. I hit him almost as much as he hit me! And I think he hurt his fingers a little when he smacked me in the ribs. ARRR my ribs must be hard. Although he did do a weird downward slap which was basically just to close my eyes, and it worked way too well. Sometimes when you try unexpected things, they work extremely well, only to be realized afterwards. This can apply to many things, and can be both good AND bad. In this case it was more FUNNY.

So now it's a sleepy day, time for choir practice tonight. Sleepy 'cause it's rainy. And rainy is sleepy. Maybe I'll light another fire tonight, sit by the fire and play me some GTA before Halo 2 arrives. Oh! Some things coming up to be excited about, yay! The Catholic Student Convention is coming to Newman this year, which means something like seventy students will be spending the weekend on campus. The choir will be helping with music a bit, so that might be fun. Maybe get to do some songs we don't often do. And the other thing I just found out about yesterday - not until March, but it would be too sweet. I'll only say if I do it, it'll be the first time I've ever traveled overseas. And I really want to do it. More on that some other time.

And it's time to get back to work, doing a variety of things, although it's pretty slow and quiet here, fitting with the weather. And I have a random link! I got it from a friend - I thought it would be fitting with today's events.

overseas? what... expand please!
fireplaces rock! i wish i had one...can i steal yours?
Your a loser! You suck at xbox.
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