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No free time
Ugh, no real free time. At least not enough to blog properly. So much has been happening! Actually, it's mainly in the gaming world. It's a sudden flood of everything that is good in gaming.

So the big thing for me lately is that I replaced my XBox. Finally. I did it on the 15th, which happens to be the XBox's third birthday. Happy birthday to my first XBox! Three years retarded! Well, it was good to start and then just sort of lost its way along its path. So I got the new box, which means my gaming can go online again. XBox Live. Which is good and bad. It's good, oh it's very good. You get a headset and you can sit there gaming with other nerds, playing splendid games (DOA Ultimate, Burnout 3, and of course, Halo 2), all the while talking trash or even about other things. I met some cool people playing Burnout, some of my friends play Halo so I can talk with them and play, a lot of fun. The bad? Yes, there is a bad. Loss of SLEEP. Omigoodness yes. I thought I'd check online last night, see who was up (you have a friends list, and you can see if they're on and what they're playing), and thought I'd pop in for a quick game of Halo 2. Yeah, right. A quick two hour game. That I started after one in the morning. So yes, another night of lost sleep. Oh, it was good, but I am feeling it now.

Yeah, and the weekend was crazy busy, too. Not as bad as the weekend before, but pretty busy. Plenty of time at kung fu. It was testing this weekend, so I had to be there to help out, even though I'm not testing yet. Then I went to check out what testing was like at Sandra's taekwondo school. It was interesting, although I honestly think the boards they break are much thinner than ours. Most of their breaks looked more like warmup breaks to me, but maybe I'm just crazy when I break boards. It looked like I could probably break five or six of theirs with the force I normally break two, with my kicks. I need to see where they get them so I can test that out.

And I did give a guitar lesson on Saturday, which was quite interesting. I haven't taught in a while, hopefully I still have some ability there. It was interesting, though - her guitar is a miniature Martin, a left-handed one. So it was different than what I'm used to, but it's still a guitar.

Ah, and church, as usual. Went fairly well, to my recollection. I really have just a haze of memory right now, my sleep is WAY behind. And I'm worried, because Half-Life 2 was released yesterday. Yes, I got it. And I got Carlos a copy (which I pre-purchased for him over a year ago), so I took it over and we installed it, he checked it out. I'll just put it this simply: the game is incredible. It really looks like it's everything people might have expected, and as far as a single-player experience goes, this easily goes into the group of top games of all time. It's an experience. Very easy to lose time in the world there, which makes me worry for my sanity and sleep. I just need to hold off until Thanksgiving...

So yeah, a lot of that has meant not as much time for blogging. But I need to blog! And I've poked at it today here and there, so it took a while, but I have to go now. I'll leave a random link before I go. A warning about this one - it's rather intensive and does crazy things with your browser, but it's worth seeing. What is it? Halo 2's official site, of course.

Reminds me of a night when a certain person stayed up until 5 or 6AM playing Quake (I or II, I can't remember) while his roommate was sleeping 5 feet away.
i'm glad you finally got rid of the retarded xbox. i'm not so glad that you're losing sleep though dude. looks like i need to hide sleep aids in your pepsi. ;)
*grins* yes, you're quite good with the guitar, still. Don't worry. And yes, my guitar is not only interesting, it's the coolest! Except maybe for the fact that it only has 6 strings and yours is just cool because it has 12.

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