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Blogging after a brief rest
Okay, so maybe not so brief. Yeah, I haven't blogged in a LONG time. What can I say, I've been busy! Quite busy, and it hasn't been so bad. So much has happened, all I can put is sort of a Cliffs Notes version.

SO. Last weekend was Thanksgiving. I'll start there, because I have pictures for the previous weekend. So Thanksgiving was good. Spent time with family. Ate some good food. Chilled a bit and played lots of Halo 2 on XBox Live. Marie Callendar's has excellent pie. Especially cheesecake. MMM good.

Okay, so that's one weekend. Ooh! Kung fu! Yes, standard kung fu stuff. Sifu's moved sparring to Saturday mornings which makes me sad. I like fighting at night. Although Justin and I have permission to spar after class whenever we want. So that's cool. Today was good, because we started Lion Dance practice. This year I get to be the lion head! I'm used to being Buddha, but the thin Justin (a fairly new student) is going to take that place. It's hard work being the lion! You have to carry the head , balance it and move the mouth and eyes as necessary. Plus doing all sorts of stunts at the same time. It'll take some getting used to. My legs are still a little sore from it.

Church has been pretty good for the most part. I took a break from Newman a week ago, and went to the cathedrel downtown with Sandra. I'd never been, so it was new and interesting. Yeah, Sandra was in town for the break, so we hung out and did random things like watching a HORRIBLE movie called Alexander, and playing Burnout 3.

This week I helped a few people with different things. Like giving a guitar lesson yesterday, fixing a few people's computers (or starting to, and for money, even!), and giving the Friday kung fu lesson to several people. It was good. I like to help.

Oh yeah, some decent news... I finally paid off all my major bills! Which was no easy task, especially considering my loan has finally kicked in. Not a loan as income, but the one I used to pay for SKOOL (before you make fun of me YES I misspeled it on purpose), which is a good chunk of money. So I have to start paying all of that off. But I'm caught up! Yaaaay! Also, I changed up my phone bills so now all my cell phone and land line and DSL stuff is on one bill. Plus I changed my plans so now I have better plans for a little less money. I'm good like that. I'm even considering getting some satellite TV now. Maybe just in time for the Super Bowl so I can watch it in HDTV. Not that I really pay that much attention to football, but it might be a nice excuse to have guys over and have fun.

I've been hooked on Digiorno and IBC(warning: will change your browser window size) lately. Tasty. And cheaper. Plus playing bits of Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 (online) when I find time. Not that I have a whole LOT of time.

And Christmas is coming up, and I don't like shopping with crazy crowds. But it's one of those things everyone expects to be done, so I must be a sheep and follow the masses. Eh, after all the pain of the purchase, the action of giving is usually pretty cool. I recommend it.

So TWO weeks ago. You're probably sitting there, saying, "What about that previous weekend? Pictures? What?" Yeah, I went to Fayetteville for that weekend. To visit a lovely little lady named Sandra. And lots of fun was had! I'll let the pictures do some of the talking.

Yeah, we went spelunking! In Devil's Den. It was a lot of fun.

And we took a hard route through the cave, and somehow Sandra convinced a few other people to follow us. A family with a guy and three of his kids, and two other girls about our age. This was one of the kids.

We all got kinda dirty.

But we still managed to somehow look good, while we were dirty.

But there was no time! We had to go to Wal-Mart immediately. Forget the cleaning part.

Yeah, we picked up some stuff (CANDY stuff) and came back. Still dirty, mind you. Don't I look good?

And so we began construction. On what, might you wonder?

A gingerbread house, of course! Nevermind that we didn't use any gingerbread.

And we worked a bit, and got it looking pretty good!

Until Sandra destroyed it. Accidentally, but still.

We reconstructed it, with much pain, but it was back!

It turned out pretty good. Yeah, so there was all that, and then we went and saw the Incredibles, which, yes, was incredible. I want to see it again. All in all, it was a very good weekend. Good vibes for a while.

Okay, so that's about all the stuff I want to talk about for now. I think that might make up for some. With all the pictures, and stories, and stuff. Hope you like it. Time for some random links! Yes, LINKS! I need to catch up. First a bit of music. Now don't mind the song so much, it's not something I really like too much. But the art here is incredible. And this is a song you might recognize. With some interesting animation to go along with it. Oh, and want to know how to find out how many games of Halo 2 everyone's played? And how they did at each? And what freakin' time they played each game, and which other people were playing with them? Some sites can tell you. Assuming you know the XBox Live names for the people you're looking for.

Okay, that's enough. Maybe more links attached in this spot later. Hope you liked my catchup blog! Hopefully my respite from blog was only a temporary one.
Sounds like you've been quite busy, m'dear!

Congrats on the Lion head and the bills being paid.

and HEY who says you can only invite GUYS over to watch the Superbowl, eh?? No, of course *I* didn't want to see the big game on sweet, sweet big screen HDTV. Oh NO, a GIRL wouldn't care about THAT. =-p

mmmmMMMm... IBC

Great pictures!! You guys are too darn cute... that looked like a lot of fun. =)

Anywho... hope we can hang out again soon.

The YPP Forum I've been visiting has been hooked on this... you should try it, Ericus.
Eric, you're such a goob. But you still rock.

Nem sem kumé caki vim parar. Mas tá fixe!
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