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I feel like posting AGAIN
Mmm, yes. Something about coming closer to the break makes me feel more like I have free time, even when I don't really have TOO much. I do like blogging, though. Usually. Sometimes. On occasion.

So yesterday I went to gather some items. As in renting from Blockbuster, getting some food, and firewood. Well, fake firewood. My mom seems convinced I might as well throw money into the fire. Maybe I should. I wonder how well it burns? Anyway, I went to Blockbuster and picked up Collateral and The Bourne Supremacy. While I was there I talked a bit to the guy who was running Game Rush (we have two in town that I know of, one of which is close by me). He was telling me about how the consoles are crazy selling out, and I mentioned to him that I saw signs on street corners for the new slimline PS2s selling for $200, still packaged. And on eBay for more. I also asked him about MGS3, and if he'd played it yet. He said he tried the demo but he didn't like it too much. I asked him if he liked the first two, and he said he liked the first one. I told him he needs to try it again, but with some patience to learn it a bit more fully. So I think I convinced him, and I'll have to ask him later what he thought.

While I was there I was picking up Collateral, and there was a couple looking for movies. They hadn't seen it, and they thought it was out, but I pointed out that there were a couple left. I told them it was actually a decent movie, and worth at least a rental to see it once (which I do think). So they picked it up. I should be a salesman! Yes, they're both good movies, and even though Bourne Supremacy has a cameraman or two who was apparently trying to be macho during the action scenes by holding it with one arm. Outstretched. While covering his eyes with the other hand. It was a little easier to watch on a smaller screen (albeit not TOO much smaller), but I still prefer the long shots in good action movies like Fist of Legend or Legend of Drunken Master (AKA Drunken Master 2). I did like the movie quite a bit, though. I think I still favor MGS3, as far as entertainment value goes.

Ooh, and I found out there's a Chili's close by, so I got some food to go from there. It was good stuff! Yeah, I didn't realize it was close by because for some reason I was looking for places in TULSA. Even though I apparently live in Tulsa AND Bixby AND Jenks AND Broken Arrow, all at once. So my options are varied. Ah, but there's nothing like chillin' in front of the TV, watching a movie, eating chicken and corn on the cob, with a fire lit beside you (IN the fireplace, just in case you were wondering). Ooh, it was luscious. You should join me sometime! Like I had two friends do last night, for my second movie (Collateral). Libby and Courtney both were kind enough to keep me company to view the film. Whilst drinking lovely beverages (Pepsi and IBC, no less) and keeping cozy wrapped in (separate) blankets in front of the fire. Mmm, good.

Oh, and I did forget to mention one other birthday during the birthday craziness - my friend Taylor had hers. She's the latest victim to my inept meanderings on guitar theory and technique. Anyway, happy birthday to all! And to all a good night!

Ooh, blogs are the wave of the future. My friend Sean finally realized this. He has a few interesting tales to tell. Perhaps, in the future, he'll have MORE than a few tales to tell. Time will tell. I will tell, too. Maybe. Do you tell? Does the word "tell" seem strange to you now? What if I were to tell you a sentence using "tell" in a completely inappropriate tell? Would you be able to tell? Would you go tell it on a mountain? Or maybe show and tell? Ah, just go to tell.

Time for random linkage! Yes, it's a lot of random linking for two days, but forgive me. I'll tell you what - I don't blog in predictable intervals, so carpe diem. Okay, so you remember my Circuit City event? Apparently some people had slightly different experiences with it. Oh, and if you just need to relieve some stress, maybe you can try new methods.

haha I don't know about "inept meanderings", but sometimes it is a little meandering, but it's good! I learn stuff and feel smart! So it's all worth it.

I'll have you know I had a blog before they were called such. However, it's much easier to use one someone else has written than to write the code and host it myself. So nyah.
Hi Poot!
Sandra is pretty. Looks like she is a lot of fun too. I never did like to get dirty...
Have fun!
the fireplace was good. ha, i liked how you had to mention libby and i were in seperate blankets; we could've been sharing, no one would've known. =P it was a good time; we shall do it again.
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