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It's the midst of the holidays
It seems like that should be a line from a song. Yes, it's the midst of the holidays (la la laaaa, la la la la) and we all are having just a good time. Was your Christmas good? Mine was pretty dandy. Time spent with the family, all that. Although I'm used to a cold environment, so my sleep was filled with weird dreams. All I really remember is something about swimming through a huge vat of fried rice. That really doesn't sound so bad.

Yeah, so it's that point where my taste is too expensive to cover for Christmas, so I'm getting useful things instead. Like a butcher knife! And a blender! Ooh, and a can opener! I did get these things. It's not just a fantasy. Plus some socks, which is good, as well as a phone. But since I got a crazy cheap phone on I think my sister's going to trade it in for something different. I think I did okay as far as the giving thing goes. I got my dad some books (sci-fi, his genre of choice), my mom a calendar with lovely pictures of ME in it, and my sister a Nintendo DS. Yes, they were very hard to find during the holidays. But I think she likes it. She's been playing Mario 64 DS quite a bit. We tried out the multiplayer (wireless, of course), and it's pretty cool. Plus backwards compatibility with the GameBoy Advance.

So the holidays were fun, I spent time with the guitar as well. I like the guitar. And we watched the extended edition of Return of the King! Yes, it really is super long, and it helps that they tacked on six consecutive endings. 250 minutes. I'll let you do the math in your head. So now I have all the extended editions, and the idea of a Tolkien trilogy-athon boggles my mind. I don't think I have that much free time in a WEEK. There's nothing like it, though. It's a good movie, and the extended version does add some nice stuff. Plus the easter eggs are always good bonus fun.

And last week I actually spent doing some interesting things. For one, there was a crazy party at Libby's place. The closest to drunk I've ever been. Which is not to say I actually drank, but I sure acted like it. There was a bit of drinking Jenga involved, and I'll just say I'm glad that a camera wasn't involved. But it was a lot of fun.

And I also went out to a bar (sort of) to get some food, ended up being pulled onstage to do some open mic with one of the regulars' guitar. (I don't know if that English is correct, but it's constructed as "with [one of the regulars']/his guitar". Something like that.) I did three songs. The second song was Radiohead's Creep, and I guess the crowd liked it, because they all sang along. Go figure - they didn't sing along with any of the OTHER songs the other guys played. It was a lot of fun, though. I think they liked me.

And I ended up hanging out with Sandra yesterday a bit, so I could see her new Christmas present (a nifty Canon digital camera) and watch Monty Python. "It's just a flesh wound!" Which takes me to today, which is the start of a sparsely populated week. Most people are gone. Speaking of which, what am I still doing here? I think it's time to go.

But before I do! Random link. Linking. Linkage. Linkeroo. I think I probably posted this a long time ago, but it's still fresh if you haven't been in a while. Although I'll warn you, there's course language and such here, and it pretty much requires that you understand the basic concepts of IRC/chat programs. But if you do, woo boy!

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