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And it's getting close to the end of the day. Man, for some reason I'm really tired. I think part of it might be the lion dance practice. We had our first full practice session yesterday. I have blisters on my hands now because of it, and I was just completely exhausted. A good three hours of practice. The type of thing where sitting in a horse stance is actually RELAXING, compared to the rest of it. Seriously. And the first real test is this Thursday morning, at Holland Hall. It's a light one, only ten minutes. Although ten minutes is longer than you might think.

Practice was interesting, though. We had one of the old lion dance experts come to practice. He hasn't been in the lion in years, though, so he's quite out of practice. He brought his daughter, and she was originally kind of scared of the lion, but she eventually got really friendly with everyone. I think she was about 8 years old or so. She made a habit of jumping at most of the guys in our class and latching on. Everybody did something different when she did, it was funny, though. When she jumped at me I looped her around my back (swing-dance style). I think she liked it, because she did it again. And then she got into the lion when we were done, and she's small enough that she sat inside the head, and the head was still completely touching the ground. It was funny to see.

It's been a bit busier at work, although I still feel like there's a lot of things I'm capable of that they don't even realize. One of those things where you're unappreciated, when people don't realize what they have. I've been feeling like that a lot lately, actually. Eh, it's THEIR loss. Someday I'll find my appreciation. Someday.

The weekend was mainly full of lion dance stuff, even though NOBODY showed up on Friday. Except for me and Justin. So I took that time to go and visit the new place in town, the Guitar Center. The place is INSANE. It's got every guitar you'd ever want. And all playable. I just lost track of time there, and they had to boot me out. I did get in on their string deal (buy two, get TEN free), thanks to Courtney. Thank you, Court! I'm afraid to go back, because eventually, I'll actually want to spend some real money. I saw multiple items I'd be interested in, none of which are extraordinarily cheap. I'll go back, sometime, when I have money to burn there. But it'll be a while.

Saturday night was the chance to try out the new version of Risk, Risk 2210. Yeah, the board game. It's really fun! They've changed a LOT, so there's a bunch of new rules, but it makes the game have a lot more chance, and abilities for players to surprise each other. I think it's quite a bit better than the first one. If you liked the first one and get a chance, I recommend it.

Okay, and I'm tired still. So I'll leave you with a random link. Sort of. I've already "given" this to a few people, so some of you know. But those who don't - I've got a friend for you to add to AIM, for those who have it. The name to add? SmarterChild. You should at least try it.
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