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Friday rhymes with highway
And yes, it IS Friday. I am at work. Not too many people are still here, which is funny. And I did a lot of work this week, so I don't have too much left to do today.

Yeah, I did lots of work! My first week on my own (without my "mentor"), so I had to do a lot of installations at other facilities. It kept me busy, I got to meet a lot of people, and I think I finally convinced a few people here that they don't need to worry about me being able to do the work. So it's been pretty good. And I even offered a few other options that surprised some of my co-workers, in a good way. Woo! It'll be too bad when I have to leave after finding a plush NEW job. Someday.

And kung fu is getting faster and More people are joining, and some of the students who've been there a while are starting to advance enough to make me nervous. To make me want to actually progress, for once (I spend more time teaching than training). If I can finish my Phase 2 test, I'll feel better. It's a rather difficult thing to do. Six forms, all at once, plus self-defense manuevers. And that's not mentioning that two of these forms are basically two of the hardest forms in the whole style, by quite a bit. It's difficult. I'll need to get into prime shape. Plus I need to be in shape for the trip to China in March. And for lion dancing!

Speaking of lion dancing, we've got a lot coming up. We thought there'd only be one or two, but it's looking more like six or seven. So I'll have to be GOOD at it. We practice tonight, we'll do our best. And I think there's the bonus that at one of the big big ones we'll have multiple lions (although the lion I'm in will be the "main" one), plus a half-hour kung fu demo. I'll put the date and time when I find out for sure, and some of you guys really should come to check it out. I know not many of you even know what a lion dance is, but it's worth seeing at least once. The pressure will be on to be GOOD.

Ooh! And I've been thinking about going back to my thesis, to do more work on advancing it. It's very theoretical and highly mathematical, and because of that not many people do similar work to it. But I still like it. I just need to get a side server with a bloody fast processor and a decent amount of memory. Everything else could be on-board with the mobo, but I just want something that can crank numbers. If anyone has recommendations on what to use, let me know. And NO, not Athlons, I don't want to heat my computer room like that. Oh, and if you know how to program Fourier transforms in C++, please let me know. With array-based integers for radices higher that 36. Yeah, I'm sure I'll be getting e-mail from ALL of you.

Mmm, life is busy. And I should probably figure out how to handle all of my many interests in an orderly fashion. And maybe figure out how to keep my apartment clean, on top of that. Although the magnitude of difficulty that THAT would be might rival the combination of all of the other objectives I have. Perhaps someday. I can dream.

Random link! This is a NERDY random link. If you like role-playing, you're a nerd. And if you like computers, you're a nerd. And if you like BOTH to the EXTREME, you're a huge, huge nerd. Which I am.
definitely a math nerd. more than a math nerd. i'll have to think about that.
Who DOESN'T know how to program Fourier transforms in C++? How can you call yourself a respectable nerd? ;) Kidding!

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