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Fun costs money
Yeah, I found out about prices and so forth for my trip. I'm going in March. To Hong Kong! Woo! The only thing to worry about is finishing my payments for the travel arrangements. Which is NOT cheap. Fly to LA, then fly to Asia, then into Hong Kong. Yeah, that's roughly 20 hours on a plane, each way. A little more, actually, and on something like four separate planes. Oh boy. I'm not really looking forward to THAT too much. I'll need to take some entertainment with me, I think. But once I'm there... it'll be awesome. Yes, I'm going with my Sigong, Buck Sam Kong. And his students - and one of the other students from our school, named Pam. A pity no one else can go from Tulsa. But I'll learn a LOT. Hopefully I'll be okay through this ordeal.

Speaking of kung fu stuff, time for schedules! Okay, here's how the lion dances are going to be:
- 2/3, 8:30 AM: Holland Hall. Doubt any of you guys will be there, but it'll be interesting. Silly private school students.
- 2/5, 1:00 PM: The Academy/Kwoon. This is one you definitely should check out. Our open house! Everyone's invited! You'll get to see lion dancing, and kung fu, and fireworks. The whole kaboodle.
- 2/5, 7:00 PM: TCC Southeast. The Chinese-American Society New Year's demo. We're opening this one up, so we'll be there right at the start, and they'll be showing off all sorts of Chinese traditional stuff. If you can make it to this, it might be cool to see what they'll have to show. It's a pretty big one for us, we need to be excellent.
- 2/9, 6:30 PM: Royal Dragon. The restaurant! It's good eating. And we'll be doing a lion dance there, trying not to make the crowd TOO crazy. This is a traditional restaurant one, we do it here pretty much every year. The collecting of the offering should be interesting.
- 2/12, 11:00 AM: Nam Hai Grocery. I don't remember exactly where this is, although I think it's in Broken Arrow. This one will be a very big deal. It's going to be a primarily Chinese crowd, so they'll know what we SHOULD be doing. The pressure will be on. We'll also be doing a larger demo here, including some kung fu, so if you want to see what we do, this would be a good one to check out.

So there you go. All sorts of lion dancing, and it's hard work! But yes, ALL of you should try attending at least one to see what it's all about. It's usually something you don't often get to see. And if you miss it, you ARE missing out.

That's the news. In other news, I've been doing a lot of kung fu! Oh wait, that isn't really other news. But I have, and I think I'm getting into better shape. It's fun, though. Exercise is good stuff. I should probably stop drinking Pepsi, though (sadly) and get the healthy side of food. Although pizza and Pepsi is so easy.

I've watched a couple of movies lately. Rental movies. One of which SUCKS, the other of which was pretty good. The good one? Cellular. It's believable, it's the type of movie where when you shout instructions at the "hero", they actually DO it. They do things that make sense, and it makes it easier to go along with. I did enjoy it, and Kim Basinger is still pretty hot, even though she's gotten slightly older. It's a good "just sit and watch" movie, the way movies should be. The OTHER movie, the abomination I should not have spent time with, is The Forgotten. Oh man. It made me mad. In this case, the movie does NOT make any sense. Basically, the heroine (if you want to call her that, which I actually DON'T, so I'll just call her Fool) is in the struggle of having lost her son. Well, things happen, and it looks like maybe Fool can get her son back. So she stops at NOTHING to get him back. "Sam! SAAAM!!" She says that more than once. In fact, too much. You'll have to get used to it. She stops at NOTHING, even at remarkable events that don't normally happen to people. In fact, events that have NEVER HAPPENED to people. Fool's motto continues to remain the same. "What? Gravity in this specific location of time and space has reversed? It doesn't matter! I need my son! Sam! SAAAM!!" This continues through the ENTIRE MOVIE. Ooh, it made me mad. Now I can understand loving and cherishing family members, but going to such extremes where you ignore EVERYTHING else COMPLETELY is ludicrous. "What? Five other people have died? I don't care! Sam! SAAAAM!!!" The only way I would have been happy is if it ended to reveal she actually WAS insane, and perhaps all of this was in her head (easily explained by the silly plot twist they choose), when in fact she's comatose in a bed. Or something. But no, the movie ends, and I am quite aggravated. BAD movie! Don't see it, unless you're prepared for lots of "SAAAAAM!!".

Thankfully I saw Cellular AFTER Fool's story. I wish I COULD forget the Forgotten. Oh well. I still have all my good, good movies. Science fiction done right. Such as either of the first two Alien movies. Mmm, Aliens.

Okay, I think that's a long enough blog for today. I shall leave you with a random link now. If I haven't put it up yet (which I might have) I should have. In either case, here it is. Common sense is good to have. Too bad some people tend to lose it when it matters most.
i will try to make AT LEAST one. maybe 2...we'll see. it'll probably be the one on 2/5 at 1pm, b/c of work. i wish i could go to the thing at tcc. darn it!
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