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Hello! Yes! There!
I'm sleepy today. It's because of the new year. It's a new year. So I'm sleepy. Doesn't that make sense? It should. See, my internal clock was moving in a westerly direction, and all of a sudden got slammed back to central time. Ooh! It hurts! I want to sleep MORE! But no, sadly, the state of affairs in our "normal" society decrees my sleep must be curtailed. It's okay if I show up to work with less functionality (along with less sleep), as long as it's at an appropriate time. Makes about as much sense as... (forgive me, this is what my sleep-deprived mind came up with first) Frosted Maxi-Wheats. Maybe I should be a comic. And just not sleep before I get to stage. So I'm HILARIOUS. Maybe not. I'm really not that funny.

Mmm, the week begins. And the weekend ends. Guess what I did this weekend! I did kung fu! Surprise! Yeah, I went to lion dance practice. I can jump fairly well, but for some reason, I get nervous jumping when I'm in the lion head. We have to do what's called a "stack", where the head jumps onto the tail, who sits in a horse stance. So I have to land one foot on his leg and stand tall. It's not easy, for either of us. I think I've left a few bruises on his leg.

Speaking of, I did leave bruises on the woman in class I trained with two weeks ago. We conditioned quite a bit. She had some nasty bruises all over her arms, although they weren't TOO bad. I think she's getting better, though.

I've been playing more guitar lately, too. I actually HAVE written some new songs. I just don't want to share them. Yet. Most of them are not full songs, just a couple of tracks, you know. And one of them is a SECRET song. I may reveal it to the public later. But that, I have no idea of knowing if I will or not. Yet.

Oh yeah, and a friend of mine has a new blog up, as well. Perhaps you should convince her to write more. Just like Seanicus needs to write more.

I've been hanging out with friends lately, friend from out of town home for school. It's been fun. Friends are fun! Courtney came by and gave me a Harry Connick Jr. CD, for when I'm feeling smooth and sultry. I gave her some peppermint swoops. They're good! And Sandra and I had a battle with Rummikub, and then some Scattergories. Now that just looks like a horror movie title. Scattergories 4: Now he's back with his weedwhacker AND circular saw, ready to scatter the matter! But no, it's just innocent fun. Or NOT so innocent, depending on what words come to mind when you're playing.

And I'm off to kung fu tonight. To get my exercise. I need to get in shape before March. GOOD shape. To be ready for China. So that means I should probably stop drinking soda after I finish off my current batch. And eating more Bill and Ruth's, and less pizza in general. Yeah, that'd be good.

You know what else is good? Random links! Here, let me lay one down on you. Some of you probably like Homestar Runner and his silly site. But if you aren't sure what some of it's about - maybe I can help you with some info.

hehe you're always sleepy

I'll write when I'm damn-well-ready, thank you!
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