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It's still January
In case you were wondering. Yeah, still January. And it's COLD. At least right now. Wind chill of ZERO. Yesterday was interesting. People worried about the roads and all, so a lot of people left a bit early. My card doors ended up frozen shut. I had to use kung fu to get it open. Which worked surprisingly well. And I had my scraper in there, which is a pretty good one, so I ended up helping three people get ice off their windows. It was funny, one lady I helped just sat in her car, was trying to use the wipers to get the ice off. That doesn't work so well, so I just up and scraped it for her, she gave me a big smile from inside her car, it was funny. And another lady had her doors frozen shut, too, so I helped her with that. Only bad thing is when I got in my car finally, my ears were aching. My ears are sensitive! Tender to the cold weather. Maybe I should wear a hat. Or I do have this cool ninja-style head wrap. I like ninjas.

So I got home from work and spent a day with just ME (not referring to the abomination that passes for an OS). It was luscious! I seriously enjoyed it so much I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. Just set up a fire in the fireplace, cooked up some leftover pizza (a 4forALL, with all my favorite styles), grabbed an ice cold Pepsi, popped in GitS 2 and cranked it up. It's a good movie! Probably will take a few viewings to fully comprehend the message. It's packed rather full of a lot of meaning, philosophical wanderings, futuristic theorizations, a good soundtrack, and a couple of excellent action scenes. It IS anime, FYI. Although the original is one I recommend highly, even for those of you not anime-familiar. A few scenes of violence, just so you've been warned. But it's a rare breed of movie - a mix of sci-fi, action, and philosophy rolled together. All of which I like.

I did that, then finished off Half-Life 2 (which I haven't played in a while). A lot of people have complained about the ending, but I rather liked it. The final twenty minutes or so of the game actually got me really intrigued and excited. I haven't had a game get me that psyched during play in a long time. The same type of emotions I had when I saw the FIRST Matrix, in the theater. At any rate, now I have closure on the game, and can continue on with MGS3, which is, of course, awesome. Still. When I finish that, THEN I can crack open Metroid Prime 2. Which I think is my style of play, because it requires THINKING. Puzzle-solving. All that. Halo 2 didn't have a whole lot of that, somehow. The biggest puzzle you had to solve was how to incapacitate your enemy with the current weapon you had available. Somehow I don't think that's a novel problem to solve... I think there have been some other games where you had to do that, before.

Ooh! I'm excited, too. Monte Montgomery, this Friday, live at the Stadium! I need to buy tickets today. He's so good. I'll wait on that until AFTER I've viewed the spectacle that is Monte. Again.

And kung fu is staying interesting. Sifu's changed up the schedule a bit, so there are two kids' classes now. One for the really young ones, one for the not quite so young ones. I'm helping with the latter, I think. As well as the "not young" class. But the lion dance is the big stuff. It's hard! But I like it, a lot. I'm going to have to work more on trusting the lion tail (the guy who plays that part). Right now I'm hesitant to jump up onto him with the lion head on, because I'm paranoid that I could fall and hurt the lion head. Just got to do it, though.

Okay, that's enough for lunchtime. Time to work. Random link! This one is sufficiently random, I think. No explanation necessary.

my pokename was voltvee. says i can resist dr pepper, live in new york, and know kung fu. better watch out! ;) wait, what am i saying? you KNOW i can't fight and defeat you. maybe some day....muahahaha!
Mine was quite interesting. If I put my first and last name in, it gave me one Pokename, but if I included my middle name, it gave me the natural enemy of the first name. That's why I so much prefer my Pootenheimer Pokemon! Although still somehow my enemy is cooler. Bleah.
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