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Sick and BUSY
Yeah, I'm still on my medication, so I'm not completely back to normal. Yet. Mainly lately I've been trying to rest (when possible), although it's been hard these past days. Primarily because I've got a lot to do at work and I had a retreat this last weekend.

Yes, a retreat - known as TEC. I didn't have much of a voice, but I DID have a guitar, so my role as part of the music crew turned out okay. Apparently quite okay, because I did get a decent number of complements on the music. It was a lot of fun. And I played for four separate masses, which was a lot of work. But I think it was appreciated, and I did like doing it. Playing the guitar is relaxing for me. I'm impressed I didn't actually have any problems with callouses getting worn through. I also got to teach one of the candidates a bit, since he had brought his guitar. He came up and played on the last day, and it turns out he's quite good, for the amount of time he's been playing (only about a year and a half). Anyway, I did that all weekend, and while rewarding, it's also exhausting. I still need more sleep.

Last week I took a few days off to recuperate, which mainly consisted of sweet, sweet Resident Evil 4. It is very good. Intense is probably one of the better ways to describe it. Something about the experience of being on the edge of a rooftop with a massive crowd of insane people intent on killing you below, reaching over to toss the ladder down so they can't climb and barely ducking under the chainsaw being swung at your head. Then taking a shotgun and firing at the chainsaw-wielder to take him to the ground below into the crowd and then throwing a napalm-style grenade down after him, only to see flames erupt through everyone before they can get the ladder back up. Yeah, it's intense. Very well done.

Ah, I'm still tired and want to take naps all day, but I do have work to do, and I also have to go to kung fu tonight. That should be fun, though. I did somehow manage to get two very nice marks on my shins over the weekend, after choosing the wrong thing to kick for shin conditioning. Maybe that, plus I kicked a little TOO hard. Huge bruise on my left shin. And on both, nickel-sized gashes that are right over the bone, all red and blood-encrusted. It's fairly cool, which goes without saying. But for future reference, I should probably condition against wood before going nuts against metal.

Okay, time for random link. Something for those of you who are convinced new means better. Doesn't ALWAYS work that way. Oh! And if you want to know why in extreme detail, here you go.
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