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Well, I made another change to my blog template. I have ads! Woo! You may wonder why I'm happy about commercial enterprise interfering with my blog. Well, you can see it's not really in the way. And that the links actually look interesting. The other side benefit is I'm getting paid for them. Yes! Indeed! Making money in intriguing ways! So any time anyone clicks one of these, I get cash money. Not a whole lot, and if it's not above a certain number, then I don't get anything. But hey, I thought I'd try it, see what's up. I can't ask you to click on it, but IF you per CHANCE see something up there that looks INTERESTING (like lion dance costumes) that you might want to check out, go ahead! It very well might enlighten you. And enrich me. In a purely "I am loved" sense, of course. It's an experiment for now, so really it's educational for the moment.

It is SNOWING outside. Quite heavily. Interesting. It's a good thing I found out yesterday that my remote battery for my garage door is dead, so I could replace it. It's quite nice to not have to worry about wiping the car down before traveling anywhere. I have fond memories of losing sensation in various extremities while trying to remove large quantities of H20 from my car before going to work, while I was at school. And they're fond because they're MEMORIES. I'm fine leaving them that way, and just having my car all nice and warm inside the garage. And if you're feeling any sort of envy or wrath (or any of the other five deadly sins, for that matter), you shouldn't - I DID go through more years of that already than you probably will. At least in a school environment. But on the other hand - snow is pretty!

Hmm, so kung fu's been interesting this week. Seems like a lot of people have decided to trade out their attendance days. Normally Mondays and Wednesdays are loaded, and Tuesdays and Thursdays aren't so much. It was sort of the opposite this week. Oh well. I've been pushing myself more than normal so I can be in shape for both lion dancing and for the trip to China. When hanging out with your Sigong, you should ALWAYS be in good shape. FYI. I think my thighs are getting thicker, and I'm gaining weight from muscle. It's intriguing. But I haven't really gotten into weight lifting (yet), even though Sihing Justin has. And he's doing crazy levels in his weights. Yeah, he weights about 180. If you don't think kung fu helps your legs, I'll just say that his legs presses are up to around 425 pounds or so. And he's benching over 200, although I'm not sure exactly how much. Plus he's working night shifts. The guy's guy an insane level of determination and persistence. Something we could ALL learn from.

Ooh, last night was Halo 2 night! I finally got XBConnect working (silly firewall, having to go and update the night before), and we were on! Three other X-Boxen connected, something like ten or twelve people between them, plus me on mine. I do think I had an unfair advantage, though, honestly, being that I didn't have to share my screen with three other people. So as opposed to the 14 or so inches everyone else had, I had 55. Widescreen. Yeah, it does give you a bit of advantage. But it was fun! With that many people, and communication over our headsets, chaos reigned. And teamwork is key. When you've got everyone working together, something about the synchronization of plans and ideas is very fulfilling. We'll probably do it again.

And work's been going fairly well. A project one team had been working on for three weeks I finally got to take a shot at and took care of it in one day. Yeah, that's right. Woo! I think they were happy about that. I've also been getting requests for my resume. Apparently another job is on the horizon. But I won't say anything until it's definite. As in I'm actually WORKING at another job. You should never take things for granted.

Lately I've been thinking about chi kung (AKA qigong). I've studied it in the past, and have actually helped influence family members to try it out. It's quite cool stuff, and it does have effects, regardless of what you may think of it being a bunch of hocus-pocus. I've contacted someone I used to train with for chi kung, and he's got his own school now under a different teacher. I think I'm going to start practicing it again, get both my hard and soft chi kung balanced. Perhaps eventually I'll be able to put out candles from across the room for party tricks.

Well, I guess I'm going to have to brave the weather to drive outta here in a bit, and then brave it AGAIN to go to kung fu for lion dance practice. Remember! Check the schedule! And if you can do it, come to either the Open House or the Nam Hai demonstration. They should both be the same demos (with lion dancing AND kung fu), and they shall be spectacular. Either because we mess up in incredible ways, or because we actually end up putting a sufficient level of effort into our practice. We'll see. Maybe YOU'LL see. Hopefully. Indubitably. They rhyme with G. And also 3.

Okay, time for random link! This is something quite random. An interesting mix of music, physics, and... monks.
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